Movies to watch if you are a feminist. . .

Each of us is inspired by the women around us. Be it our sister, our mother or our boss at the office. No wonder we say ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman.’ Look around you andyouwill understand how women make our lives beautiful and make it simpler. From the morning cup of tea to dinner, from ironing to where are my files, a lady knows it all. It is difficult to imagine a life without them.

Films bring light to the smaller things in life that we ignore otherwise.Now, let’s celebratewomanhood and if you are a feminist like me, here is a list of movies you must watch.

  1. Kahaani
    There are hardly any women-centric films that gross as much as this movie did. The movie was unapologetic and assertive. In the movie, a heavily pregnant woman looks for her missing husband from London to Kolkatta. Vidya’s performance in the movie is brilliant and shows how to take up a role in the movie and nail it.
  2. Mother India
    Every feminist should watch this movie.It was a commercial as well as a critical hit, beyond national boundaries. Audience across the globewere awed by this Mahmood Khan’s super hit movie. The story outlines the love of a mother. A mother who despite all difficulties and troubles, never gives up. This was the first Indian film to be nominated for the academy award.
  3. Arth
    Arth as the name itself suggest is ‘meaning’ and we think it is the meaning of a women’s life.A strong character is played by Shabana Azmi where she goes from being a loving wife to a woman scorned. Her character Pooja is devastated because of the unfaithfulness of her husband and she goes into a depression. But later, the same lady rises like a phoenix from ashes and stands strong ahead of all headwinds. She learns that it is important to live life on your own terms.
  4. Queen
    Kangana Ranaut is now known as the queen of Bollywood because of her strong female lead in the movie Queen. The movie shows how a woman doesnot need a man to be by her side always. Women can be independent, and she has all right to choose whether a man is worthy enough to marry her or not.
    The movie really empowers women and shows that every woman should decide for herself what she wants in life.
  5. Pink
    The word no is a sentence in itself. ‘No means No.’
    Who would have thought this two letter word can be so powerful and can teach the viewers the importance to respect women. The movie shows how influential people molest young girls and think it is okay. And, how important consent of a woman is before you make love with her.
    The movie also talks about taboos of women wearing short clothes and women drinking. Everyone has a lot to learn from the movie and hence it is a must watch.
    Let us know which other movies could have made it to the list.

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