How Virat Kohli Makes a great Boyfriend. . .

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the most desired men of 2017. The captain of team India and the hottest batsman. Even though Virat seems to confirm his relationship with Anushka Sharma, it doesn’t seem to lessen his female fan following. We wish the couple all the best for their future, but we can’t stop admiring why Virat gives us an ultimate boyfriend goal. Take a look at our reasons.

  1. When he scores those centuries, he is the best!!
    Every girl drools over a fit and passionate sportsman. Virat seems to fit the bill perfectly.His form on the cricket ground is just unbeatable and this quality of his makes him a heartthrob of many young girls.
  2. He expresses love
    Women love a man who expresses. And Virat seems to be pretty open about his love for Anushka. Be it kisses from the cricket ground or be it wishes and compliments on women’s day to his love. Virat leaves no stone unturned to impress his queen.
  3. He is protective
    He is one man who knows how to stand up for the woman he loves. Virat stood up for Anushka when people blamed her for his non-performance.He also apologized publicly to her for the troubles she was facing. We have seen Virat’s post’s on ‘Respect women’ after the Bangalore New year’s eve incident. He is such a gentleman, isn’t he?
  4. He is committed
    Be it the commitment towards his game or his love Anushka, Virat is committed. Women always love men who are committed towards their work and love. Virat’s commitment towards his game can be seen by his performance and he has had no history of breakups and dating multiple women at a time.
  5. He has a dash of aggression with killer looks
    A dash of aggression can be seen in Virat while he is playing his game. He swears everytime he thinks he was unable to perform well. He swears so much that skippers from other nations have also picked up Indian swears. We neednot talk much about his drool-worthy looks, we will leave it for you to appreciate and admire!
  6. He is stylish
    Virat loves to experiment with his looks and he is always a trendsetter, be it of hair styles or beard styles.He dresses effortlessly well. We think Virat could give any Bollywood fashionista or a model, a complex if he walks on the ramp with his looks.
  7. He is sorted
    Virat has no loose ends.He is sieved in almost all the aspects of life and focuses on what matters to him. He has an extraordinary performance on the field. He takes criticism positively and thinks it can be constructive, he challenges himself to improve, his love life and family life is sorted. Plus, he adores animals… I mean, how can you not say aww!! if you see a man like Virat caring for his dog.
    We love Virat and we think he is the ultimate relationship material. Let us know if you think we missed on any of his qualities.

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