Must See Natural Wonders in Iceland. . .

If by any chance you are a travel freak, then Iceland is one place you must visit. Situated at the edge of the famous Arctic Circle, Iceland has been able to increase its popularity day by day by attracting tourists towards its natural beauty. Iceland is also considered to be the most active Volcano spots in the world. Let’s have a look at places you should visit if you ever visit Iceland:

  1. Blue Lagoon
    This place blue lagoon is also known as the geothermal spa and is one of the top places in Iceland. It’s a lagoon with a mix of fresh sea water and hot water and is located in the southwest Iceland near a city is known as Grindavik. The water here is rich in salts and minerals and it feels really good to soak your body in hot water. It’s a must try experience for everyone.
  2. Northern Lights
    Northern lights are one of the most spectacular natural wonders which can ever occur, and as per reports is also one of the main reason why tourists plan to visit Iceland. Northern lights are such remarkable and beautiful experience when you witness colorful lighting in the sky. It generally happens during the month of November to early March. So plan your trip accordingly to experience this amazing wonder of nature.
  3. Volcano Hekla
    Also known as the gateway to hell, volcano Hekla has almost the height of 1500mand is located somewhere in south of Iceland. This volcano does erupt but in a span of 10 years, the last eruption seen was in 2000. This place is famous for hiking, but if you visit there be careful as volcano may erupt anytime 😛
  4. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve
    After visiting south part of Iceland, Hornstrandir is located in the northern part of Iceland and is known as Hornstrandir due to its isolation in the country and less communication and technological advancement. But over the years as the tourism in the country is increasing, this place has also started developing and has been the tourist place with much wonders to see.
  5. Langjökull Ice Cave
    Iceland is known for its numerous ice caves so if you visit Iceland do not ever leave without visiting one of them. Although there are plenty of ice caves in Iceland but the famous ones involve Langjökull Ice Cave which is located in Midwest Highlands of Iceland. It is known to be an extraordinary man-made ice cave tunnel which is 300m long and really one hell of an experience.
  6. The Waterfalls of Iceland
    Iceland as a country is full of natural wonders which involve natural volcanoes and a lot of waterfalls. It is also known to be a home for waterfalls. Dettifoss is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the whole of Europe and the largest in Iceland. The most visited waterfalls in Iceland are Skógafoss, Gullfoss, and Goðafoss. These waterfalls are really worth watching and enjoying.

These were some of the places which could be visited when you visit Iceland. Well, the list is very long as the country itself lots and lots of wonders which are still not discovered. So this holiday, plan a visit to Iceland for sure!


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