8 Things You Should Never Say/Do To A Girl. . .

There are several things that you must think twice before saying to a girl. Some rules are just not meant to be broken. So before things get problematic, it is better not to say them out loud.


When it comes to talking to a girl, there are things that should be strictly not meant to be uttered and if you do, consider it a warning sign. Here are 8 things that you should never ever say to a girl –

  1. You spend a lot on shopping
    Never comment otherwise about her shopping habits. She would hardly give a damn even if you do.
  1. You look good in this new dress
    Well, that looks mean. If she is pretty, she would look that in any dress.
  1. What’s your age?
    Exercise caution men! There is no way to ask her about her age. It is considered plain rude, so don’t.
  1. Never praise other girls before her
    If she possesses a strong liking towards you, it is not a good idea to praise other girls in front of her.
  1. Discuss her salon visits/ beauty treatments
    That’s strictly bad manners!
  1. Her ex
    There is no way you must ask about her past relationships or ex. Enough said!
  1. Are you PMSing?
    Do NOT! We repeat, never ask her if she is PMSing when she is slightly angry or moody. Women have been handling it since they were adults so don’t make her lose control for whatever reasons.
  1. You work? I thought your job is to sit there and look pretty
    You must know that girls these days are capable of anything that men can do, so never ever take her work non-seriously.

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