9 Crazy Things You Do Only With Your BFF Behind Closed Doors. . .

If you grew up with your childhood friend, then there can be several instances when you share more than your life with that person. The beauty of that bond is that you get to share your creepiest and the weirdest self with that friend.


So if you hold no secrets with that person, do all kinds of wacky things together then you have a BFF with whom stuff happens and remains a mystery forever. Here are 8 crazy things that you only do with your BFF behind closed doors –

  1. Binge eat anything within reach
    Pizza, cream cheese, Nutella, jams, bring it all on!
  1. Watch some weird stuff
    Only you are your BFF can watch some crazy stuff on the internet and laugh at that for hours because you won’t judge each other.
  1. Make weird noises
    You do that a lot and only you can understand each other while doing so.
  1. Burp in each other’s faces
    You can be crazy like that! No offenses!
  1. Discuss lingerie
    You can talk extensively about buying lingerie, taking advice on what will look good and other realted stuff.
  1. Talk in weird accent
    You can talk to your BFF in the weirdest accent that probably you two can get.
  1. Fart in front of each other
    Well, never mind!
  1. Do weird dance moves
    Your favorite pastime is to do weird dance moves and laugh uncontrollably.
  1. Talk about periods
    And all the gross talks that follow with this topic.


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