These 15 Slow Motion GIFs Are Like Designer Masterpiece. . .

GIFs are like the most trending rulers of social media and messaging apps. Now, instead of text jokes, we receive funny GIFs, there is a GIF for every situation be it a festival or a birthday greeting. Every single day more and more GIFs are being circulated on social media. Here, we are presenting you with some of the most interesting GIFs which have captured, some activities in slow motion. In these, the pace of time has been slowed down just to show how things actually are and how do we see them. Hold on for a moment and see how these happen in a blink of a second.

  1. Here fails the bullet to penetrate the wall…
  2. But this watermelon is an easy target to penetrate through
  3. Oh! The pool table edge also makes some move
  4. Ouch! The water bubble turns into sprinkles as cactus touches it.
  5. It seems as if hand is boneless as it hits the brick
  6. It looks like while drinking water, the dog just licks it but actually, he fills it in the fold of its tongue.
  7. Wings beneath the dotted shell
  8. This is how we get a popcorn out of a small corn grain
  9. Haunted string? Music can fit anywhere it seems.
  10. The disc is shaken completely!
  11. Lightning finds it’s way to earth and the big boom is made when it touches the ground
  12. Shattering glass looks like sprinkling water
  13. The ball hits harder on the bat than it seems
  14. On hitting the metal wall, the ball is deformed for a second but our eye would have never caught this
  15. This hard hitting punch also deforms the face as long as the punch is in effect.

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