Love and its Logics! 5 Different Stages of Falling in Love. . .

Though love is a natural phenomenon and it has no logic yet we do know that love is complicated! It makes one go through various uncontrollable emotions. Women do not understand men and men do not understand women but yet love brings them together in such a bond that is almost unexplainable. However, science has such progressed that many types of researches have been conducted about this emotion and it has been broken into a process. Here are different stages that one goes through when one falls in love:

  1. Willingness
    Both the person involved in this relationship should be willing to fall in love. There should be equal willingness from both sides to fall in love. For instance: those settled, a recently divorced person, a single parent may not be willing to fall in love. If there is no willingness from any of the party, the process ends just here.
  2. Attractiveness
    Each person should find something attractive about each other which would ignite the feelings in each of them. Basically, each person should find something in each other which would attract their attention and thus make them interested in each other.
  3. A Sign of Interest
    Both person involved should show a considerable amount of interest in each other and gradually start noticing little things about them like their likes and dislikes, how they laugh, what makes them upset and so on. Also, eventually each person would start showing each other that they are taking interest in the other which would slowly bring them closer.
  4. An Infatuation
    Slowly both will be infatuated by each other. This is a mixture of both admiration and infatuation and basically admiration that led to infatuation. This is also known as the “I Can’t Get Enough Of You” stage. Meetings and phone-calls will increase and everything will seem like a romantic movie scene. The only thing left is confession of feelings.
  5. Realization
    If all goes well in the previous stage, things would start to get serious and eventually both would realize the other’s value in their life. The realization that what they feel is not just infatuation but love, may take time and there may be a point where it would be denied. Lust or infatuation would fade over a period of time but love won’t. Commitment to eachother would strengthen and intimacy would develop.

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