Bro Codes That Are Unspoken Between Every Guy. . .

It was Barney Stinson who made “Bro Code” a thing but he was definitely right about one thing- bro codes have been in existence since forever. “Bromance” has more importance than any woman would ever understand and there exist few unsaid rules between every man and his guy friends.

The Bro-Code is a set of unspoken rules that every man would abide by and which kind of keeps their friendship above everything else. It is this Bro Code that separates a normal guy friend from a bro for any man.Here are few rules that are a part of Bro Code:

  1. A Bro must always have another Bro’s back
    Be it a girl situation, a financial situation, a family situation, a situation with a friend, a work situation, and a bro must always have another Bro’s back. Stand by him mentally and physically whenever he needs you.
  2. Bros before girls
    This is the most important rule of all. The rule clearly states that a Bro should always be put before any other girl,especially, if the situation arises in pursuit of that girl. There should be no second thoughts in this matter.
  3. A Bro’s immediate female members are a complete no-no
    A Bro’s immediate female members are completely off-limits. Never lay eyes on his sisters. In no situation, you are allowed to approach her. Rather treat her like you would treat your sister. Cousins, stepsisters are an exception in most cases.
  4. Being a Wing man
    If at any point your services as his Wing man are needed, brace yourself for the duty and do the job the best you can. This responsibility has to be taken very seriously and these duties are not optional.
  5. Girls can be Bros too
    Remember the episode where Barney treats Robin like his Bro? Similarly, a Bro can be a girl too but only if she acts like one and you treat her like one. She has to follow every rule of Bro Code and once she is a Bro, she is off-limits.
  6. Be honest
    If a Bro asks you for an opinion on anything, be it his career, his shopping choices, his new girlfriend, be honest always. Do not think about how he will take it, just be plain honest. That is your responsibility.
  7. Regarding a Bro’s Ex
    Being close to a Bro’s ex or dating her is also off-limits. It can ruin your relationship with the Bro. Even if you have taken his permission, do not get into that. It will just make everything awkward.
  8. Regarding the lies, he has told to his Gf or Wife
    Always support your Bro in whatever lies he has told to his gf or his wife. Even if you do not support it, support him at that time and later on you can give him a good scolding. However, you do not expose him in front of his wife or gf under any condition.

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