Words that take a whole new meaning after you become parents. . .

Most of the times when we look at the little kids, we go Awww!! But have you really thought what goes into bringing up these little monsters? Parents have a new level of struggle with the kids and balancing their lives. If you are a parent, you will relate to these words and you will agree that they meant differently before the kids.

  1. “Me time”
    Before parenthood: It was everything to you and you did anything you felt like doing.

    After becoming a parent:
    You donot really know what is the ‘me-time’. There is nothing in your life called the ‘me-time’. Even if you get like a twenty-minute break, you would want to do the pending work that you have rather than taking that me time.
    In other words, there is no ‘me-time’, there is always a ‘we-time,’ as your kid is always around! You can’t even break up with them and say it’s not working out.
  2. “No”
    Before Parenthood: Maybe you use it for fun ….And say “No is a complete sentence in itself, Courtesy: Movie Pink” or it was just the opposite of the word ‘Yes.’

    After becoming a parent:
    This word is used the maximum number of times. It is like the favorite word in your vocabulary. Your kid does everything that makes you scream ‘Noooo’. This word is generally followed by screaming, fighting, crying, along with kicks.
  3. Laundry
    Before Parenthood: The procedure that you follow to keep your clothes clean and arranged.

    After becoming a parent:
    The endless pile of clothes that are full of mysterious stains. These clothes are generally not yours. They belong to your kids as you realize that you do not even get time to change clothes. While the kid has multiple clothing changes in a day. Phew!!
  4. Dinner
    Before Parenthood: A meal that you mostly go out on dates, and you love this meal.

    After becoming a parent:
    All you do is hear your kids saying they do not want to eat the veggies in their food. How the food is spicy. This may also include how they suddenly have a stomach ache after eating the food.
  5. Hobbies
    Before Parenthood: These include running, working out, yoga, art class, gardening and many more fun things that you loved to do because you have a life that you live.

    After becoming a parent:
    Sleeping. The little time that you get, you want to sleep and relax.Because you are up all night, you want to make the maximum sleeping every ten-minute window you get.
  6. Date Night
    Before Parenthood: Where you go out all dressed, with that special someone.
    After becoming a parent: You hardly get a date night and even if you get one, you spend money on a babysitter or you are constantly worried if the kid is crying.

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