Trending Youtube Videos That Every Girl Should Watch. . .

There are just so many videos on YouTube that one can never get enough of them. Finding some must-watch YouTube is a huge task and an adventure in itself. Statistics say that 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute and each day 4 billion videos are viewed. Thus, one can estimate what usage YouTube is put in daily and how much content is there for one to enjoy. Because of such high content, the trending videos change very rapidly and daily.
Similarly, there are loads of videos a girl would enjoy viewing and are must-watch. Here are some of these videos that every girl should watch:

  1. Girliyapa
    Girliyapa is a series that almost every girl would relate to. The series has an extended concept of “Why should girls have all the fun?” and is based on the concept “Why should hot girls have all the fun?” It happens to every one of us that we feel the other girl is more good-looking and getting all the attention. The series explores that mindset and is definitely a must-watch.
  2. How To Lean In Without Burning Out

    This is a talk video by Vanessa Loder, a former Wall Street investment banker. The video is very inspiring and talks about how the feeling that ‘nothing is ever enough’ creeps in and what drives that feeling. Her sentence “The pressure we put on ourselves is the only thing that is holding us back”, answers a lot of questions that we girls internally face.
  3. EIC Outrage: Fuck Feminism

    The concept of feminism is slowly being accepted and with its acceptance, it is also being misused. There have been enough debates and takes on it and one of it is this video by comedian Sorabh Pant from EIC. He talks about frequent rapes that take place in India and why feminism is not an answer to it.
  4. Taylor Swift In Hyde Park

    This video is a sort of a pep talk given by Taylor Swift in 2015 and she shows how social media is slowly ruining our lives. Going online, seeing what other people are upto and getting mixed feelings about it, only belittles us and eventually brings up negativity. “All we see is the behind the scenes of our lives”. This one is very inspiring and worth learning from.
  5. The Introvert’s Banter

    If you are an introvert and end up feeling outshined by extroverts, this is the one for you. A 19-year old poet RabiaKapoor rants out against extroverts who end up stealing the limelight from the introverts who actually have something to say that is worth listening to.
  6. Life=Difficulties

    Life=Difficulties is a compilation of few motivational videos that are basically commercials. These commercials are in foreign languages mostly Chinese and Japanese but on watching them all you will feel that these are better than most of the movies. You may even end up having tears in your eyes as each of them has some strong message to share.

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