Hilarious Moments From Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. . .

The news that Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is soon returning as web series with old characters and few new ones has created excitement amongst its fans. The show’s fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel since last 11 years and the wait will get over in May. The story will take a 7-year leap but hopefully Monisha’s middle class habits, Maya’s upper class sophistication and Rosesh’s attempt at poetry will remain intact. While we all wait for the series comeback, here are some unforgettable moments from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 1 that will take us down the memory lane:

  1. That Moment of Happiness
    In this episode Indravadan walks into the kitchen and sees Maya baking a cake.
    Indravan: Are cake kis khushi mein ban raha hai?
    Maya: Aaj mera janam din hai
    Indravadan: Topic mat badlo. Maine pucha kis khushi me?
  2. Rosesh’s 2-minute Girlfriend
    Rosesh is in love and he shares the news with his family.
    Sahil: Daddy, Rosesh ko pyar ho gaya. Rosesh, ladki ka naam kya hai?
    Rosesh: Maggi
    Sahil: Acha! Fir toh Maggi ne phaat se 2-minute mein haan keh diya hoga nai?
  3. Rosesh’s Heartfelt Poem for Popatkaka
    Rosesh wrote a heart felt poem for Popat kaka expressing his condolences that went like
    “Popat kaka ki aatma ka popat, udd gaya udd gaya udd gaya re,
    Shristi ke sajjan haatho se popat, judd gaya judd gaya judd gaya re”
  4. This conversation between Maya and Rosesh about Indravadan
    Rosesh: Momma, main Sahil bhai aur Dad ke saath nahin rahunga. Dad mujhe BAI (Maid) bulaate hai.
    Maya: Agar who aisa karein, toh unhe ignore kardena.
    Rosesh: Haan, Momma Maine ignore kiya! Toh unho ne mujhe chappal maara.
    Maya: Indravadhan ne tumhe chappal maara?!
    Rosesh: Haan, aur jab maine unhe poochha ki Dad, aapne mujhe chappal KAISE maara? Toh unho ne mujhe doosra chappal maara aur kaha, AISE!
  5. When Monisha breaks tail light of Sahil’s new car and Indravadan supports her
    When Sahil sees Monisha and Indravadan standing in the corridor
    Sahil: kya kar rahe hai aap dono yaha?
    Indravadhan: Hawa kha ra he hai.
    Sahil: yaha kaha hai hawa?
    Indravadhan: Hum log kha gaye toh kaha se hogi??!!
  6. Indravadan’s Confession
    Indravadan confessing:-
    Indravadan: Maine ek baar Rosesh ko paani diya tha.
    Rosesh: iss me confession wali kya baat hai.
    Indravadan: woh paani Maine toilet ki tank se bhar ke diya tha.
    Rosesh: aur Maine woh paani pi thi??
    Indravadan: haan!. Aur kaha bhi tha. Momma aaj dad ka haath ka paani kuch zyada hi meetha hai (imitating Rosesh).
  7. When Maya Teaches Monisha how to be Sophisticated
    There are so many epic dialogues between Monisha and Maya that choosing one of them is difficult. But one that would always get anyone into splits is:
    Monisha: Mummyji, in dono ke patch-up ki khushi me cheers karein?
    Maya: Raise a toast Monisha? If you don’t mind. Cheers karein is so hindi film party scene.

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