Reasons why Sushmita Sen is an icon for Women Power. . .

The Miss Universe turned Bollywood diva is known for the unconventional choices she makes in life. She stands for what she believes in. From staying in a live-in relationship in a time when it was a taboo to adopting Renee at a young age. Sushmita believes in herself and she sets an example for every woman to be bold and humble at the same time. She inspires the women to break the boundaries and taboos of the society in order to find who they really are.

Here are a few things that make Sushmita a women that each one of us must look up to.

  1. She believes in herself
    Sushmita Sen was the first Indian women to be crowned as Miss Universe. She believed in her dreams and achieved it in the year 1994. When most of the contestants withdrew their names because Aishwarya Rai was contesting, Sushmita gave it her best and proved that everything is possible if you believe in yourself.
  2. She never gives up on love.
    Sushmita has many failed relationships in the past, but it is amazing to see how she has not given up on love. Many of us would shut down love for eternity if we have bitter relationships or failed love affairs.But she believes that there is someone made for her and she is open for marriage even at the age of 40.
  3. She believes in humanity
    If we had to single out one act of Sushmita that we must adore her for, it is that she adopted a baby girl at the age of 25 and now she is a proud mother of two daughters. Single parents are still looked down upon but the gorgeous actress adopted Renee in 2010 and proved that you, if not the millions,can make a difference to one person’s life. She is a role model to all the parents who raise their daughters. She teaches us modesty and dedication towards parenthood.
  4. She changed the women of India
    There was an era before 1994 where most women did not know makeup brands in India. Sunscreen or international makeup brands were like Greek to the Indian women. After 1994, Sushmita Sen made all Foreign brands focus on India as a market for makeup. Parents saw a new career in modeling for their daughters. Parents understood that beauty and fashion are not something to look down upon and it can have a huge career potential.
  5. She proves hardwork pays
    Sushmita Sen has a humble past. She studied in a Hindi medium school till she was 16. Later, she went and learned English. She went ahead and also got a degree in Journalism. We all know how far has this beauty come from small pageants to Bollywood and there is no looking back now.
  6. She is independent
    She hopes to get married, but when the media ask her about the solitaire on her finger, she replies “ I don’t need a man in my life to have diamonds, I can own them myself.” She proves that a woman can be independent and happy. They don’t always need to be married and go by the book.

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