8 Facts To Prove That You’re An Old Soul Stuck In The Millennial World. . .

Do you experience difficulty making a connection with people your age? Do you have retro fashion and music choices? Well clearly, you don’t belong to this generation of millennials.


The correct word for people like you is ‘old soul’. Yeah, that’s right! Old souls relate to people who are older and interests that date back to their parents’ time. Here are sure shot signs to prove that you are an old soul stuck in the millennial world –

  1. You hate small talk. It is particularly boring for you. You would rather talk about real world issues.
  2. You are obsessed with everything retro. You love dressing up as a vintage chic and your music interest also dates back to those of the 50s or 60s.
  3. You love classic cars to the modern ones.
  4. You aren’t much of a fan of mainstream trends and stuff. Instead, you treasure moments or memories over materialistic stuff.
  5. ‘Netflix’ dates are not your type. You believe in romantic getaways, wine tasting, slow dancing and handwritten letters.
  6. For you, the phone is basically to receive calls or check emails.
  7. Books are your constant companions and you love to smell the book before you buy it.
  8. You take the time to enjoy things in your life. You are not a constant crowd seeker and enjoy your alone time.


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