8 Kinds Of Fans You Get To See At An IPL Match. . .

An IPL Match is incomplete without these fans cheering in the audience and at the TV screens

Indian Fans and a cricket match goes hand in hand. These fans that have taken cricket to a new level in India where in cricket is now considered to be a religion that everyone irrespective of their religion follows and believes in. Currently with IPL fever all around, we are surrounded with heaps of cricket fans, all having different characteristics. Here are few different kinds of fans that one would get to see at an IPL Match:

  1. The Know-It-Alls
    These are the ones who have done their homework well before the match and would have every single detail about the upcoming match including which player would be playing, which wouldn’t be, what is the current rank of that team, which player is out of form and so on.
  2. The Optimists
    These kinds of fans are mostly those who are strongly supporting a particular team and are badly rooting for a team even though it is not performing well. “Ye match to jeet hi lenge” would be heard at regular intervals and they keep on cheering till the very end of the match.
  3. The Commentators
    The TV commentators are just not enough. These fans have to spell out every single thing that is happening to the people around them. The status of the match, what will be happening next, what shouldn’t have had happened and so on is continuously commented by them which eventually makes you want to shout “Shut Up!”.
  4. The Extremists
    These are those fans who over-react in every happening and take that very seriously. When a batsman gets out, their reaction would make you wonder if someone died and if their team won a match their reaction would make you feel like they won a crore rupees in a lottery.
  5. Those who follow only a particular player
    These kinds of fans are everywhere. They are loyalists and are there only for a particular player they worship. “Dhoni is the best”, “Kohli, marry me!”, “Yuvi all the way” and such signs that we see in the audience are these fans who don’t care what team is the player playing for. All they care for is that particular player.
  6. The Predictor
    These are the ones who predict everything beforehand and then exclaim “Maine Bola Tha!” These fans are sort of fortune-tellers who have to make some or the other predictions like who will make approximately how many runs, who will not perform well or who will win the match every single time and then giving the mandatory dialogue “See, I told you!”.
  7. The Blamers
    These are those kind of people who can’t accept the fact that the team didn’t do well and hence they lost and hence blame the loss on some or the other external factors like “Virat is not performing well because of Anushka” and such.
  8. The Barters
    These are the ones who are seen bartering with God. Indians are good barters and God is never spared, “Bhagwanji, aaj Mumbai Indians kojeeta do, meinkal 1001 kadaankaruga” and such is a common sight.

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