Embarrassing Lists That India Is A Part Of Which Will Make You Sad. . .

No matter how much has India advanced, India still is a part of few embarrassing world lists which would put us to embarrassment.

India is on its way to become a superpower and itis already an anticipated that India’s economy will surpass that of USA’s by 2030. India has come a long way since Independence and since then has made a mark in every single thing be it technology, space advancement, sports, having a fair share of billionaires. Prime Minister Modi is working hard and taking to India an all new mark which reflected in some lists that we longer are a part of such as “Most Number of Hungry People”. However somewhere in between all these, India somewhere still has the remains of that “Old” India which reflects in these lists of which India is a part. This is an eye-opener and a constant reminder of how far we still have to reach. Here are few of these lists:

  1. Most number of Internet shutdowns
    According to a study done by US Brookings Institute which is a think-tank, there have been a total of 37 internet shutdowns since 2015 in India. The total number of shutdowns in 2015-16 were 22 which caused a loss of Rs 6485 crore. The number of shutdowns was the same as that of Iraq which is war-affected. India is followed by Saudi Arabia and Morocco.
  2. Highest number of poor population
    According to a list released by World Bank in 2016, India’s 30% of total population is living below poverty line. Hence approximately 225 million people are living below poverty line and earnsRs 125 or less per day.
  3. Highest deaths caused while taking selfies
    The selfie-craze that started from late 2014 came with a heavy price ie death. Of the total deaths caused by selfies globally, atleast half were identified from India. A study done in November 2016 states that since March 2014 of 127 deaths caused by selfies, 76 were Indians.
  4. Most ozone pollution deaths
    As of February 2017, India recorded the highest number of deaths that were caused by ozone pollution. State of Global Air 2017 report stated that approximately 2.54 lakh deaths took place in 2015 because of ozone exposure and the impact it has on chronic lung diseases. This number was 21 times higher than Pakistan and 13 times higher than Bangladesh.
  5. Highest number of modern slaves
    According to the report of Global Slavery Index that was released by Walk Free Foundation in 2016, India has approximately 18.35 million people who have been forced into modern slavery. This comes to around 1.4% of India’s population. Modern slavery includes various forms such as domestic labor, forced marriage, sexual labor, begging, child labor and such.
  6. Largest offline population
    According to a report by World Bank namely “Digital Dividends” that shows World Development of 2016, India has highest number of offline population ie 1063 million people. This is highly ironical since India is also the second largest exporter of communication and information technology goods.
  7. Highest bribery rate in Asia Pacific
    According to a survey conducted by Transparency International and released in February 2017, an international anti-graft rights group, India has the highest bribery rate in Asia Pacific. The survey says that 69% of total population has paid “tea money” atleast once to get access to public services. This survey has been done amongst 16 countries. Japan had the lowest rate of 0.2%.

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