You Can’t Be Cool Without These Words On Social Media. . .

The Internet changes so quickly, like literally quickly! Every generation has its unique style. But this generation has loads of language options, all thanks to Social Media. The World full of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and more, everyday drops copious words on the Internet to remember and learn. So which words are ‘low key’ worth to use right now? Let’s check:

  1. RT:

    “I’m boots loving this album!”
    “Me too! RT RTRTRTRT..”
    That’s RT (Re-Tweet, sis!).

  2. Sis:
    “Sis, I respek you”
    Or you can say “Bro, I respek you.” Yes, sis is the new word for ‘bro’. It’s the abbreviated form of sister and may even be used as ‘sisters in spirits’. So, recall this meaning before referring!
  3. Respek/ Rspeck:
    “Emma Watson deserves respek for her open letter.”
    Respek is the new fleek for respect. It is assumed that this word became popular after being used on the radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’.
  4. FB/LB:
    Duh, FB means Facebook! You may be right, but now you need to assume that FB is equal to ‘Follow Back’ and LB is ‘Like Back’ (LB us, if you think it’s cool ;-)). Instagrammers love this slang.“Did you liked the Superwoman’s new webisode?”
    “Yup! Even FB her.”
  5. Ship:
    One of the most widely used words on Social Media is ‘ship’. ‘Ship’ is the short form used for a relationship. But it’s used for someone who you want to be in a relationship, kind of stans’ desired romances.
    “Am I the only one to ship for Charlie and Selena? LB if you agree!”
  6. Stan:
    Stan is the best word to describe a hardcore fan on the Internet. Stan word is derived from words ‘stalker’ and ‘fan’. You might have heard it first in Eminem’s video ‘Stan’.

    “I’m one of the biggest stans of Kim Kardashian.”
    “That’s gross, sis!”

  7. Snatched:
    You can be snatched for anything, right from your eyebrows to wardrobe (Though it does not literally mean snatching). Snatched is the new Internet word for awesome. Normally, it is used for anything that looks really cool.
    “That dress is a total snatched, babe!”
  8. Suh:
    Okay, you’ve been using the word ‘Wussup?’ for a long time and probably even bored to use it. So, why not use ‘suh’ instead? When you want to indicate that you’re interested yet confused to greet, you simply use ‘Suh’. It’s a combination of words ‘sup’ from ‘Wussup’ and ‘huh’.
    “Hey, sis.”
  9. Trash:
    This one perfectly means as per its dictionary meaning. When someone or something is termed as ‘trash’, it is tasteless, useless, or classless. It can be quite offensive, so use it sensibly.
    “Heard the new comment by Donald Trump?”
    “It’s a trash.”
  10. OTP:
    For newbies on Social Media, let’s accept the fact that ‘OTP’ is not One Time Password anymore! OTP on Social Media now means ‘One True Pairing’. If you’re intensely attached with a pair, it’s your OTP (A pair for which you can die for).
    “Kim and Kanye is my OTP. They’re totally TD!”


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