The Most Hilarious Fast Food Sign Ever. . .

Keeping one’s hands off from fast food is really a tough job. Especially when you are on a fruit and nut diet. Fast Food is our weakness. But some jokes about fast food won’t affect your figure much. Illustrations are better than explanations know why, below.

  1. The Best One
  2. Now, who on the earth will want to drink this?
  3. Are they really serious? Fifty Feet?
  4. How can Taco give you employment?
  5. Damn auto correct, We all know how it feels
  6. After Poop drinks now this. They are so fond of poop.
  7. You have your own and I have my own- Opinion
  8. Must be a work of an intern
  9. This is not so wrong
  10. Great strategy bro
  11. Woah! That was too straightforward
  12. These interns I tell you
  13. What did I just read!
  14. You have owned me after saying this
  15. Where was this shop lost for so many centuries?

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