This Is Why Smart People Stay Calm In Every Situation. . .

Many people will second my opinion that patience is an art to be mastered. We have lost being patient as these days we have developed a tendency to react. Well, it is as easy as it can be. Just log into your social media account and tweet or post. Yet I am sure you must have come across people who don’t react instantly but know when to strike the right cord. So how do they do so? Do they have some super power or some magical spell? Don’t worry read ahead to know how to master the art of being patient.

  1. Be fat dumb and happy
    Or say be content with what you have. You cannot have what others have but instead, search for those things which you have and others don’t. Be happy. You will be in a good mood with stress-free life.
  2. What-if?
    Stop letting this thought creep in your mind. This what-if will lead to million possibilities of failing but one I can lead to success.
  3. Be Optimistic
    Every coin has two sides and one should keep thinking about the positive one. Your good mood will help you to be more productive. Learn from your mistakes and don’t let your past intervene in your present.
  4. Live a life of rules
    Make your personal rules, like fixing the time to sleep, fixing the time to exercise, keeping your phone away while eating or sleeping, etc. These might seem very insignificant but try these for a month and you will definitely experience change. Making yourself available 24*7 results into a more stressful life.
  5. The consumption of caffeine
    You must be knowing that the intake of caffeine releases adrenaline. We mistake it for an energy booster but that develops a fight-to-fight responsive system. Your emotions rule your behavior. That emotional behavior might ruin your image.
  6. Sleep well
    Your body is not a mobile phone’s battery that if you charge it for two hours it will be with you for the whole day. Your body needs proper rest and time. Sleep deprivation is a real reason for stress in life. When you take a power nap a night your body recharges itself for better functioning.
  7. Inhale some oxygen
    When your brain doesn’t want to work at all. Go out for 5 minutes and take few deep breaths. Leave you phone and excel sheet and just give yourself some time. You will feel very calm and relaxed after this
  8. Use your external support system
    Don’t think that you can do everything on your own. Your family and friends are your biggest support system. Seek help from them and discuss your problems. These people will lead you to a path free of stress and tensions.

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