11 Beautiful Moments In Life That You Experience Only With Your Best Friend. . .

There are some moments of your life that can only be shared with best friends. Your family may know a few things about you but your friends know much more than that. You have a crush in university, you had a fight with someone or you went on a date; they know it all. They also support you in all these things while making sure that you don’t get hurt. If someone gets angry with you, your friends are there to teach them a lesson. In other words, no matter what happens in your life, your best friends are always there by your side.
If you have got such friend in your life, then you can relate to some amazing moments that you can experience only with your best friends. Check them out:

  1. When they sit by your side and listen to your problems with full attention.
    They are always with you through thick and thin.
  2. When you both are going somewhere in your car while listening to the music you both love and dance on it like crazy.
    And these are the most unforgettable moment of your life with your best friend.
  3. When they come to your home with your favorite Biryani or chocolate brownies from your favorite restaurant.
    They remember everything about you from your favorite restaurant to what flavor ice cream you like.
  4. And when you are living away from home, your friends cook home-made food for you just to make you feel better.
    They make sure you don’t feel homesickness.
  5. Remember the story you told to your best friend once? Well, you can tell that story to them again and again and they’ll always listen with a smile.
    They are your true buddies who never get bored of you.
  6. When you can share your ugliest selfies only with your best friend.
    And then you both laugh together at those pictures.
  7. When you can be yourself in front of them and you know that they are never going to judge you no matter how you look.
    Being your true self with your best buddies is a blessing.
  8. That crazy moment when you call each other with funny names including mad, weirdo, shithead and many other words.
    And you make sure nobody hears you saying these things to each other.
  9. You can borrow anything from your best friends without even asking them and they won’t mind it.
    From their expensive perfume to their colorful socks, you don’t feel shame in borrowing all these things from them. And sometimes, you don’t even return them as their stuff is your stuff and vice versa.
  10. When you go on a secret date without telling anyone but your friends know that where and with whom you went.
    They stalk you secretly from far away and tease you later.
  11. At the end of the day, you can depend on your best friends for everything and their presence makes everything better.
    You feel lucky to have them in your life.

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