11 things you didn’t realize you need to thank your Ex for immediately. . .

I know that it’s not really acceptable for people to thank their exes for something. Once they get out of the relationship with their ex, they never want to see them again no matter what happens. However, if you think about it carefully, then there are a lot of things for which you should thank your ex. Had you not experienced break up with your ex, you would not be at the place you are today. You would not transform into the amazing person you are right now. Those hurtful moments have changed you for good and made you mature to the point that you are now very careful in your relationships. If are one of those who have broken up with their partners, then read below 11 painfully honest things for which you should thank to your ex.

  1. Thanks for decreasing our phone bills by stop talking to us. giphy.com Oh god, that is the best thing you have ever done. You saved our cost of phone bills.
  2. Thanks for giving us screenshots of your messages to laugh at. giphy.com I didn’t know those funny pictures and chats would be very hilarious.
  3. Thanks for all those arguments which made us learn a lot. giphy.com That taught us how to fight our own battles.
  4. Thanks for teaching us what we are capable of. giphy.com We thought that we’d never get out of it but we did and it made us stronger and taught us what we really deserve.
  5. Thanks for teaching us self-respect. besottedqualefch.tumblr.com We know our limits now and we cannot tolerate anything which could hurt our self-respect.
  6. Thanks for boosting our confidence. giphy.com You put us downmany times regarding our clothes, looks and the way we talked. But let us tell you something, now we don’t give a damn about what people say about us. We love ourselves more than anything else.
  7. Thanks for giving us our friends and social life back. giphy.com This is the biggest thing you have done for us. We can now enjoy our social lives with our friends. And guess what, our best friends were so right about you.
  8. Thanks for teaching us how to make decisions for ourselves. giphy.com Gone are the times when you used to interfere in little things about our lives. Now we are free to make decisions for ourselves.
  9. Thanks for giving our independent life back. giphy.com We can travel anywhere with whomever we want. We can live our life in our own way. Your unnecessary restrictions are not there anymore.
  10. Thanks for loving us even if it was for some time. giphy.com We actually loved you so much once upon a time and that was truly an amazing feeling.
  11. And above all, thanks for the heartbreak you have given to us. giphy.com Thank you very much for breaking up. That’s the best thing you have ever done for us for which we’ll be forever thankful to you.

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