Things That Every Girl with Protective Brother Undergoes. . .

Have you ever noticed or given attention to some kind of mutual behavior the elder siblings share? Well, if not then you will get to know it surely here!

Elder sisters are more carefree and understanding whereas protective elder brother have too much in their head! They will do everything in the world to save their little sister. And the younger sister will always be little to them until the time she gets married, or sometimes even then the image of little sister doesn’t grow in the eyes of their brothers!

As a part of this never-grown-up battle, here are some of the incidents faced by every little sister with a highly protective and authoritative brother:

  1. Your brother will spend the first five years of your life trying to kill you:
    Well, don’t be scared by the statement but it is actually true. Welcoming a new member to a family is very difficult for small kids and especially, for so much pampered elder brothers. Initially, the parents might think it is cute but these elder brothers will try to suffocate the little girl by piling up all their toys in the girl’s room. And a small tip for little girls: Never fall in the trap of “I’m going to push you down this hill into the face of oncoming traffic. What fun!”. You never know when it can turn out to be true. So beware!
  2. You’ll surely spend the next 10 years after that trying not to kill each other:
    Yes, that is always hard for the siblings to try not to kill each other, which they want to do from deep inside of their heart. Every day your brother would find a new way to trick you and irritate you and fight with you. Both of you would be left with scars, but yes nothing lasts forever and these fights are the major things we miss once we grow up.
  3. Regardless of how brutal his games are, you will always want to join them:
    I don’t know if this is the trait in all younger sisters but we usually like to play with dolls, dress them, and do their makeup. But when we see our brothers playing martial arts or practicing some fight moves, we find it very interesting and always want to be a part of it. Even if we get hurt brutally in those games, we still try to be a part of it till your brother allows you to join in.
  4. You will for sure at some stage develop a huge crush on one of his friends:
    There is an age or a point of time when this incident also happens when you have an elder brother and he has a group of handsome looking friends. You will surely fall for one or two of his handsome friends which he would have no idea about. And trust me, he should never have any idea about it! Keep it as a secret and lock it somewhere.
  5. Your brother might be your tormentor at home, but he’ll be your playground protector:
    This is one of the best parts of having an elder brother. Keeping aside all the bullies he does at home, no one can ever bully his sister at the playground or at school. Big brothers tend to ignore us in schools and playgrounds but if they get to know that someone is bullying their little sister, then that someone is surely going to get a hard time because your brother has got your back.
  6. When you’re in it together, you’ll defend each other to the death:
    Whatever is the case, and whatever is the level of fights you and your brother might have, but when you are in something together, you’ll defend each other till lifetime for sure. Be it the case, when your parents go out and leave home on your responsibility and you got to break the toilet door, obviously because you had a house party. Well, in this case, you both better watch each other’s back!
  7. Probably your big brother can be the reason for your first truly hideous hangover:
    When you have come to an age which is appropriate according to your big brother, then there might be a possibility that you may have the best late night party of your life and real hangover. And trust me, if you go out partying with your brother, it never gets in the ears of your parents because your brother need to save his ass well as your ass too.

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