13 Reasons Why You Should Binge-watch ’13 Reasons Why’ Right Away. . .

It was on March 31, 2017, when Netflix released this gripping original series, based on Jay Asher’s bestselling novel of the same name. I got to binge-watch the series the same weekend and was blown away by its brilliance. It has a transfixing storyline with plenty of cliffhangers and twists. The series revolves around the suicide of Hannah Baker and how she left 13 tapes – each depicting a reason for her suicide. It handled sensitive topics like bullying, suicide, sexual assaults, and more in the most poignant manner. Here are 13 reasons why you should watch this amazing show (if you haven’t already).

  1. The storyline will amaze you. How often do you see a show in which a dead girl is narrating all the real-life incidents that made her kill herself? Every tape is a chapter in itself. It involves a gripping mystery and a heartfelt ending. teen.com
  2. It is based on a non-linear story line (and dual narration). You will be switched from the past to present in an effortless way. Unlike most of the other series, they have handled this change exceptionally. popsugar.com
  3. A show (or even a book) is nothing without its characters. The show has plenty of characters with which we all can relate to. One of the best things about these characters is that they aren’t one-dimensional. They are humans and are as real as any character can get. 68.media.tumblr.com
  4. The entire show is filled with amazing soundtracks. Selena Gomez (who is also the producer of the show) has done a heart wrenching cover of ‘Only You’ for the show, which will be your favorite in no time. popsugar.com
  5. Hannah’s story is not overly-romanticized. It has a perfect touch of unrequited love, but doesn’t have an over the top feel to it. popsugar.com
  6. The story is narrated by Hannah and Clay (who was in love with her). The narration is absolutely brilliant and will let you feel all the insecurities of the leading characters. popsugar.com
  7. The entire cast has literally pushed the envelope with their top-notch acting. Dylan Minnette, Kate Walsh, and Katherine Langford have certainly lived these characters. Not even for a single second will you think that their acting is not believable. decomposeddandelion.tumblr.com
  8. The show features multiple stories and has somehow entwined everything flawlessly. It will make you believe how each one of us comes with our own story. After all, we all are stories – waiting to be told and written. popsugar.com
  9. The show also depicts the dark side of technology. Bullying is one of the major reasons why Hannah decided to kill herself. The topic has been dealt with in an extremely mature way in the series. popsugar.com
  10. Not just bullying, the series also depicts the reality of sexual assault and rape. Hannah, who was sexually assaulted by her senior, was told to be quiet and forget the entire incident. The aftermath of a life-changing incident like this has been portrayed in a sensitive way. popsugar.com
  11. The series is pretty raw and will hit you hard. You will literally go through all the ups and downs with Hannah and a part of you will die watching her slit her wrist. weheartit.com
  12. It is not a story of suicide. It is a story of survival. You might think that the show is depressing or sad, but it isn’t. In fact, it is pretty inspiring and will teach you that suicide is not a cure for your problems. newsneck.com
  13. There is literally no other show like ’13 reasons why’ right now, which makes it such a keeper. It will leave you with plenty of life-changing lessons. You will understand how a single comment or an unintentional act can end up destroying someone’s sense of self-worth. This will make you more cautious and you will start treating people around you better. weheartit.com
  14. Don’t wait anymore and binge-watch this one right away. I’m sure you are going to thank me later!Cover image source

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