5 Reasons Why Guys Chase The Girls Who Are Hard To Get. . .

Girls are meant to be pursued and boys are meant to chase.
Since years and years, men know that they are meant to pursue and chase the girls while women are taught to play hard to get even though she likes that guy equally. Not only humans, even few animals possess this quality of chasing and being chased. It in fact is quite natural. However nowadays when the rules of this dating game are changing, men have started wondering why only they have to chase while women have started wondering why do have to play hard to get. Here are few reasons why guys chase the girls who are hard to get:

  1. For their ego
    Being competitive comes naturally to men. And they know for a fact that if they don’t act upon a girl they like, someone else will. That would infact give her few options and time to check compatibility with each one of them. This would not be good for a man’s ego and if they get the girl, it would inflate their ego.
  2. They realize how important that girl is for them
    If a girl is too easy to get, it would get the guy thinking whether he should go for someone better or not. However, if the girl is hard to get, they start to get intrigued and would slowly realize how important she is for them.
  3. They hate being ignored
    This again is an ego thing. Nobody likes being ignored and definitely not guys. If they feel that they are being ignored, they would work harder to get the girl’s attention.
  4. Guys infact enjoy a good chase
    It gives them an adrenaline rush. Provided that they get satisfactory response from the girl, the chase would be more than enjoyable for both the guy and the girl.
  5. Men want what they can’t have
    There have been enough movies and series on the topic where a guy is told that he can’t get a particular girl and he then chases her only to win her heart. However, that doesn’t happen just in movies. It takes place in real life too. It is basic human nature to go after what seems out of your reach.

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