8 Amazing technologies that we are going to possess by 2030. . .

Technology has already started ruling the world and it will accelerate only.

Less than two decades and the world will be a whole new place to live in. if someone were to pick you up now and put you in 2030, you wouldn’t recognize the world technology-wise. You would feel like an outsider with no idea what to do, where to start and how to do things. Artificial Intelligence, quantum computers, powerful spacecrafts and such are all very much expected to be parts of future but apart from these there are few more mind-blowing technologies that are predicted to be a part of our lives by 2030:

  1. Virtual Animals
    Virtual Animals with digital minds are expected to appear in later part of 21st Century. Scientists estimate that whole brain emulations i.e. brain impersonations would be possible into brains of very simple organisms like worms.
  2. Shared Consciousness
    Scientists and researchers believe that one day we will have a complete link between an external computer and human brain. Thus this would enable us to directly share and access more information outside brain like sharing ideas, experiences and memories with other people. However, scientists are also wary about the disadvantages that this technology can bring.
  3. Exoskeletons
    This is basically the clothing that would give you superhuman strengths like polymer gel muscles which would be approximately 5 times stronger than natural muscles. This technology is too expensive to make today but probably won’t be in upcoming times. If this becomes a reality, Spiderman and Superman would no longer seem like just a fantasy. Super-senses, bullet-proof clothing, reactive armoretc. would become a reality.
  4. Dream Linking
    Imagine linking your dreams to a pillow and later on watching what all you dreamt? This could soon become a reality. Pillows with conducting fibers in its fabric would make it possible to watch monitor electrical activity that goes on in the brain. Eventually it can also become possible to share dreams with another person.
  5. Video Tattoos
    Electronic displays that would be printed on super-thin plastic membranes would soon be possible. This would in fact be very similar to the ones used for temporary tattoos. Thus your tattoos would seem and look like a computer display.
  6. Crash proof cars

    Deaths caused by road and motor car accidents are not going down. Hence Volvo has promised to launch car proof cars. However it is not known that why when this would be a reality or how far the project has reached but the car would be operated by use of radar, driver alert systems and robot drivers.
  7. Robot Spies
    Scientists say that they are working hard to make insect-sized robotic spies a reality. However, with robots already making a huge impact today, this day when we would have our militaries using insect-sized robot spies who are immune to bug sprays doesn’t seem far away.
  8. Anti-Aging Technology
    There are hundreds of anti-aging serums and creams available in the market but none of them have actually managed to slow down aging. Researchers are working towards this and there are possibilities of some anti-aging technology being available in future like therapies that would be restoring length of telomeres, replenishing mitochondria and such which would somewhat extend the lifespan.

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