8 Crucial Life Lessons That Can Be Learnt Only From Travelling. . .

These are the things that real world won’t teach you

Travelling is addictive. Travelling is the way of living. Travelling clears your mind and getting away from all the hustle & bustle of life not only clears your mind but gives you a new perspective. However, travelling gives you such insight into life that sometimes you don’t get that from pondering upon the matter for hours. This maybe because you get hands-on experience while travelling. It basically is life-changing. Here are few important life-lessons that only travelling can teach you:

  1. Being Open Minded
    Travelling makes you think out of the box and accept different ideologies. You may sometimes find yourself in some uncomfortable situation which would make you accept different viewpoints and take steps you normally won’t. Instead you start to appreciate other’s point of view.
  2. Being Patient
    If something goes wrong in a foreign place, be patient and think things out. In a foreign land you may feel lost but be patient and learn to tackle situations as they come. Eventually you will look back at the situation and laugh.
  3. Settling out of your comfort zone
    Flight delays, train delays, delays because of weather changes etc can take place. Things wouldn’t exactly go as planned. However be patient, think out of comfort zone and take the situation as an adventure.
  4. Be more social
    You will meet a lot of people along the way and it may seem scary at first but at the end of the day interacting with new people is a great experience. It may seem weird at first to smile at every person you pass by, to greet them but that in fact is a good habit and it spreads happiness.
  5. Living life as it comes
    Travelling doesn’t always mean living in luxurious resorts and enjoying great food. Sometimes travel with minimum required luggage and just the necessary money, you will find that it was the best trip you ever made. You realize that whatever you were chasing in life is just extra; the real happiness lies in the basics.
  6. Be adventurous
    Every place has something new to offer. Try the local activities and you will return with memories of lifetime. Do not be afraid to try local food, local activities and you will find a new you.
  7. Decision making
    Sometimes you are put in such situations that you have to make instant crucial decisions. It may turn out to be a mistake, but you learn from that. Making spontaneous decisions may seem hard at first, but that is indeed a crucial life lesson.
  8. There is no such thing as life plan
    This is probably the most important lesson that can be learnt from travelling. We have been taught from the very beginning that we should follow the plan but however the reality is there is no such thing as life plan. What is more important is happiness and doing things that give you happiness. Even if that means going on the road less travelled.

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