This Year’s Beautiful Oscar Nominated Movies and Stories behind Them. . .

Oscars had always been a prestigious award and honor in the film industry worldwide. Every year a lot of filmmakers, actors, actresses, singers, producers, everyone gives their 100% performance just to get nominated for the Oscars. The awards are handed out in almost as big as 24 categories including most important awards such as Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Actress and others. The award function is one of the most awaited occasions for almost all of the celebrities.

This year La La Land has become a movie which is expected to take the majority of awards home. The movie has performed really well and is nominated in almost each and every category in this year’s Oscars. The movie has created a record of sharing most Oscar nominations for a single film after Titanic in the year 1997.
Let us look at the full list of movies which were nominated for Best Picture award in Oscars 2017:

  1. Arrival:
    Arrival movie had some unusual story line. This may be the reason why the movie was nominated for the Oscars. It revolves around the 12 alien spacecrafts which appears to land on Earth after which U.S. officials appoint a linguistic professor Louise Banks to team up with theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly and learn how to communicate with the aliens. This unusual military action creates a debate about around the globe. It is surely a must watch and had other 7 nominations in different categories.
  2. Fences:
    The movie revolves around Negro Leagues, where Troy Maxson, the former player of Negro Leagues resides in Pittsburgh with his wife Rose and son Cory in the year 1957. The movie shows a strong relationship chaos between the father and son where Troy’s caustic attitude towards life taints his relationship with his son Cory, who aspires to be a football player. The movie was also nominated under Writing category. This movie is surely a tough fight in the category.
  3. Hacksaw Ridge:
    The movie cast includes heartthrob Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss and Teresa Palmer as Dorothy Schutte. It revolves around Desmond Doss who had a troubled childhood in Virginia and enters in the army during World War II. Later, he is sent to serve as unarmed medic to Pacific Arena, where he serves lot of people and saved hundreds of lives during the battle of Okinawa.
    This movie surely deserved to be in the list of Best Movie award.
  4. Hell or High Water:
    The story in the movie revolves around Toby and his con-brother Tanner who tries every possible way to save their family ranch and rob branches of West Texas Bank. Later, Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton is appointed on this case and the story becomes really interesting from here, when brothers take a last and risky chance to save the family ranch.
  5. Hidden Figures:
    The movie which created a lot of buzz was Hidden figures with its amazing cast and amazing story line. It is based in early 1960’s when three African-American women gifted with amazing mathematical and technological skills face racism and sexism while performing important tasks at NASA’s segregated Virginia’s facility. It casts one of the most praised actress in film world i.e Taraji P. Henson.
  6. La La Land:
    A movie casting Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has to be the best. The movie got most of the awards this year and created buzz when it was announced mistakenly as the Oscar winner, while the actual winner was Moonlight. The musical drama revolves around the love story of struggling actress Mia and Jass Pianist Sebastian who struggle to achieve their dreams in Los Angeles.
  7. Lion:
    Movie casting Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman revolves around Saroo i.e Dev Patel who got separated from his family in India. The 5 year old kid Saroo is adopted by an Australian Couple and is raised with lot of love and affection. Later, the kid troubled by the memories of his birth family in his adulthood and tries to locate them. The movie has amazing storyline and is a must watch.
  8. Manchester by The Sea:
    This movie again has an amazing storyline when Lee Chandler returns to his hometown to mourn for his beloved elder brother. While Lee tries to cope with his own grief, he is also required to gather strength to comfort his teenage nephew. The movie got nominated under other 5 categories as well.
  9. Moonlight:
    2017 Oscar winner movie Moonlight is something you cannot ignore! The story is about a young black man who grows up in Miami and tries to establish his own identity in poverty and drugs prone neighborhood. His journey to how he finds his own way in life, under the influence of a drug-addicted mother, a surrogate father, and a conflicted best friend is full of tragic and mysteries.

We must say that this year the nomination were full of movies which all deserved to win the Oscars! But Oscars is meant for one and this time it was Moonlight which made its presence in the Book of Oscars.

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