Try these tips to get a sharper memory. . .

There are a number of things which affects our memory. Sometimes it happens that we cannot remember anything, sometimes we go just blank. Old age is not the only reason to suffer from poor memory; there are numerous other factors. Health problems, mental illness, lack of motivation or concentration can also result in weak memories.

If you suffer from any of the above and have a tough time remembering things, then the following are some of the tips which you can follow to boost your memory.

  1. Do brain exercise
    Your brain already knows millions of neural pathways to recall, store and process information. But sticking to already known paths for problem-solving or executing any kind of mental tasks will not give the brain the stimulation it needs. In order to stimulate your brain functioning, you need to think of doing something which you have never done before. Try a new sport, a different puzzle game or take up some crafts.
  2. Get adequate sleep
    Your brain works faster and better if you get adequate sleep. If you are an adult, you need minimum 8 hours of sleep in order to avoid sleep deprivation. Sleep is necessary for retaining memory as research says that the core memory enhancing activity happens during the deepest stages of sleep.
  3. Learning
    There is no substitute for learning process. The more you learn and gain knowledge, the more your memory gets stronger as learning is a mental process and keeps you active mentally. Your brain cells will be stimulated and activated,resulting in improved communications between the brain cells. You can learn chess, pursue music, or take up art.
  4. Always use your senses
    The more you use your senses, the more you learn something new. When you venture into something new, you should challenge all your senses and try to remember them to recall them later.
  5. Keep your stress level in check
    Do you know who is the biggest enemy of your normal brain functioning? Stress!
    Stress destroys brain cells which result in a damaged hippo campus which hampers the formation of new memories and retrieving the old ones. To keep stress level in check you should set realistic expectations, the ones which you can achieve. You should strike a healthy balance between work and leisure. Don’t multitask if you are not capable of juggling between multiple tasks at the same time.
  6. Open yourself up
    If something is bothering you, don’t be enslaved to it. Remember one thing; keeping a low face will not solve your problems. Have a laugh as laughter is the best medicine which charges up your serotonin level. Increased serotonin level keeps you happy and naturally improves overall brain functioning.
  7. Diet
    There is no alternative to a healthy diet for fueling your brain power. Food like fruits, vegetables, lean protein not only benefits your physically but increases your brain power. Include Omega 3 fatty acids like fish, seaweed, winter squash etc in your diet as they enhance your brain capacity.
  8. Treat your physical ailments at the earliest
    If you ignore your health problems, that can affect your normal brain functioning. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hormonal imbalances or any other health problems can affect your memory. You should pay attention to your health problems first in order to keep your brain functioning smooth.

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