Do You Love Pokemon Go? Here Are Top Ten Facts About Pokemon Go That You Should Know!. . .

‘Chansey’, ‘Lapras’, ‘Jigglypuff’, ‘Vaporeon’, ‘Snorlax’. Don’t know what the heck are these? Then you got to be residing somewhere where Pokemon Go is a myth! This game has taken the world by storm, and it’s high time for us to get our facts straightened out on this highly addictive game.

  1. Not Japanese entirely:
    The game Pokemon Go is a joint venture between companies, Niantic (an American software development company) and Nintendo (a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company) by the way of The Pokemon Company. The Pokemon Company is responsible for licensing and marketing Pokemon franchise while Niantic is the developer of this game.
  2. 650 million downloads:
    The game has officially surpassed 650 million downloads worldwide since its initial release on July 6, 2016. According to mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, people spent more time on this game (average 33 minutes) than Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, and Snapchat.
  3. Gotta catch them all:
    More than 200 (251 until March 10, 2017) Pokemon are available in the game. According to Pokedex, at present, there are seven generations of Pokemon, and the game includes only first (151) and second generation till date.
  4. Gotta stop them all!
    Thanks to PokeStops and Pokegyms, people of all age, shape, size, tones and nationalities are gathering and socializing to play Pokemon Go. Though it has received few negative outrages for including museums, government office, worship places, cemeteries, etc. (rather it’s people’s responsibility to play with brains!). But the developers have excluded them now.
  5. 1.1 billion interactions:
    No wonder Pokemon Go is the stellar example of ‘Social Media phenomenon’ as almost 231 million people from all around the globe had engaged in 1.1 billion interactions last year.
  6. Pokemon Go? It’s a no-no here:
    Pokemon Go is still banned in many lands including China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. In August 2016, The Pentagon facility in the US banned the usage of this game on their property. A report from the MEF (Malaysian Employers Federation) stated that around 4% of employers in Malaysia lost their job for playing Pokemon Go during working hours.
  7. Watch out, it’s a Pokemon!
    The media from all the corners of the world has already highlighted many fatal incidents due to Pokemania. A shootout in Las Vegas, a hit-and-run case in Australia, falling off from a cliff in Southern California, etc.
  8. The fake versions:
    According to a report by RiskIQ, by the end of July 2016 more than 215 fake versions of the game were available online as third-party apps to correspond with the Pokemon Go.
  9. Pokemon Go Plus:
    To enhance the gaming experience, Nintendo developed the Pokemon Go Plus, a small wearable device that aid players to capture Pokemon or receive items from Pokestop. The device is released in North America and the United Kingdom.
  10. 23 Awards:
    The Pokemon Go has won 23 awards in different categories including Best Game, Best App and Most Innovative. It has also been nominated for the Innovation Award and Best VR/AR Game by Game Developers Choice Awards 2017.

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