Mastermind Crimes! 5 Most Well-Thought Crimes Committed By Indians. . .

India has its fair share of crime in the form of thieves, burglars, scammers, industrialists, politicians and so on. Every single day we read about crimes being committed in different parts of the country. However, in the history of crimes committed in India, there have been some which are so well-thought that one can call them “intelligent” crimes or “smart” crimes. They consist of such brilliant planning that shocked us.
Here are such well-thought crimes that have been committed by Indians:

  1. Mithilesh Kumar Srivastava (Natwarlal)
    Natwarlal had a career spanning almost a century wherein he has used more than 50 disguises to con people out of their thinking and money. He was so brilliant in what he did and how he did that he even managed to sell the Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and Taj Mahal. Even after he was arrested, he fooled the police and ran away. He had never been seen again. This was when he was 84. The movie “Bunty And Babli” was inspired by his life.
  2. Indian Hacker
    In 2008, it was found that an Indian Hacker had supposedly assisted a criminal gang by helping them steal identities of approximately eight million people. When the net worth of the raid was estimated, the amount came to approximately 2.8 Billion Euros, which were all illegal. On investigation, it came to light that the hacker had broken UK’s Best Western Hotel Group’s IT Defenses and their online booking system. These details were then sold to Russian mafia’s underground network. This flaw was discovered by Scotland’s newspaper and immediate action was taken butthe identity of this hacker is still unknown.
  3. Veera Swami
    Veera Swami, the guy who scammed Flipkart for approximately Rs 20 lakhs, would place orders for expensive electronic items under the name of his family members. He would replace the original one with fake one and would register complaint with Flipkart thus, asking for a replacement. The fake item would be returned back with correct item code and model number. He had already made 200 purchases in 20 months amounting to Rs 20 lakhs when he was caught.
  4. Ketan Parekh
    Ketan Parekh who is also known as “Bombay Bull” managed to single-handedly crash the stock market by 171 points and his arrest made the market drop by another 147 points.
    In March 2001, hundreds of investors went bankrupt and atleast eight people had committed suicide. Ketan Parekh had been charged with various charges and one of them was defrauding Bank of India with an amount of approximately $30 million.
  5. The Chelembra Bank Robbery
    This one is a great example of how influencing movies can be. Bank of Kerala, Chelembra branch discovered on 31st December that they had been robbed of 5 lakhs cash and 80 kilograms of gold. How they had been robbed is an interesting tale. A gang of four had rented the restaurant below the bank’s 2nd floor and kept it shut saying that they were renovating it. They dug a hole into bank’s main vault from underneath, thus robbing the bank. On being caught, they confessed that they were inspired by the film “Dhoom”.

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