Are You A Fan Of Romantic Reads? 8 Sensual Books For Those Who Love Romance. . .

Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels invited a lot of debate, opinions, likes and dislikes for its sensual content. The book written by E.L. James is basically an erotic fiction and now a movie franchise. However, this is not the only sensual and erotic book that revolves around BDSM and sex. For those who actually enjoyed something like Fifty Shades of Grey, there are many other similar books that would promise to give you a long night of reading. Here are few such books that you won’t be able to put down:

  1. Beautiful Secret, Christina Lauren
    Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings have penned down the best-selling “Beautiful” series that revolve around a very peppy couple. Each book has a very strong female character like Ruby Miller in this one. Ruby goes on an extended business trip where she bumps into a divorced urban planner Niall Stella. The two blow off immediately and get involved in some hot romance.
  2. Bared To You, Sylvia Day
    The book written by Sylvia Day revolves around a child-abuse survivor who meets a billionaire who had undergone similar trauma. The two harbor mutual admiration and lust for eachother, thus giving rise to a breathtaking and erotic lovestory.
  3. Dirty, Megan Hart
    The plot revolves around a billionaire handsome businessman and a submissive, unassuming woman, making you think you have read hundreds of love stories like this one, except that it proves you wrong. The plot that somewhere gets vulgar is actually very intelligent, mushy, and quite heart-wrenching making it an unforgettable read.
  4. Inside Madeleine, Paula Bomer
    The story is very horny, erotic, honest and fearless. Paula Bomer has brilliantly explored what power menstruation holds, kinkiness, pains and the pleasures of the human body.
  5. On Dublin Street, Samantha Young
    Leaving her tragic and unforgettable past, an American woman moves to Scotland and faces her roommate’s brother who has something against her and yet both have a strong sexual connection with eachother. He is fiercely determined to make her life hell and yet gets her into his bed.
  6. Tampa, Alissa Nutting
    This is a controversial book revolving around a teacher who seduces a young student. The book is very expertly written giving out keen and tiny details and how much intensity obsession can hold, all from a woman’s point of view. The unexpected, brilliant twist at the end makes it a must-read book.
  7. Beauty From Pain, Georgia Cates
    A winery magnate, Jack McLachlan is used to treating his girlfriends like they are his clients but that were only until he met Laurelyn Prescott. However, it seems that she is playing some game of her own and that too in a much better way. Hot romance is inevitable and it eventually gets steamier.
  8. Addicted, Zane
    It is hard to believe that a highly successful woman, having a loving husband and three children is deeply addicted to sex. That sexual obsession is a big threat to all that she holds togetheri.e. husband, children, and job. The novel is very thrilling, mysterious and gripping containing sexy and dangerous secrets.

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