Being an Engineer in India is not easy! Things only an Indian Engineer will understand. . .

We still have no trace why engineering is an obsession in India. It can be due to lack of educational institutions, inadequate jobs, family influence, assurance of higher salary, and so on. But folks, it’s not easy to become an engineer in India! Why? Well, there are lots of ‘factors affecting the phenomenon’ (PS: Engineers will understand this quickly) in becoming an engineer and these are the things that only Indian engineers will understand:

  1. Time Machines are true:
    You wish Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory of time becomes true (to turn back time and prevent yourself from quoting “Pursuing engineering is my wisest decision”).
  2. Being nerdy is no fun like in Sci-fi movies:
    Damn those Sci-Fi movies! Robots, labs, computers, gizmos, machines, everything looks so cool on that big screen. But the reality is very ugly!
  3. It’s not what you think:
    No matter what you understood or the books says. Your answers have to be what your professors said, period (and must have a diagram).
  4. Respect women:
    Girls are like rare species in Indian engineering colleges. Hence, the ones who are already in the engineering colleges, respect them. Nobody messes with the queen, right?
  5. IIT= MIT:
    If you’ve not cracked the IIT exam, you’re incompetent (as per your relatives and family). IITs are holy places for Indian engineers.
  6. The ultimate restoration man:
    People look up to engineers whenever their ACs, computers, automotive or any other gadgets and machines needs to be repaired (and if you can’t do it, you’re useless for them!).
  7. BFFs can be bitchy:
    One night before the exam, called your BFF: “Bro, completed one chapter!”. Your Bro: “WTF! I didn’t even start!”. Next day, he/she knows every damn theory and equation!
  8. Vacations or rather holidays are a myth:
    There are always enough assignments, papers, exams and projects to keep you away from the world.
  9. Group projects are not TED!
    Okay, maybe, some of your projects do work. But most of the time, only the shopwala who sold you the project knows how your project model works (we do sometimes put sweat and money in building a unique model, but mostly they’re underrated or ignored).
  10. Vivas are fun, but reviva are freakily horrible!
    Vivas are more like cop-suspect interrogations. Those who pass are heroes. And those who fail, are promoted to the next round of ‘Fear Factor’ viva.
  11. The syllabus can be longer than semester:
    In India, most of the engineers feel syllabus are so long that one year seems like only a month to complete it (raise a hand if you agree!).
  12. What’s a meal?
    We are not scurvy or depriving of food, but most of us end up eating only a portion of breakfast with a big cup of coffee or tea (and smoke).
  13. Circle and square are not simple!
    How much time does it take to draw a tiny square, circle or even a line? 5 seconds, 30 seconds? Nope! More than a day. Who thinks drawing is easy, huh?
    The list can go endless. Most of us are not hardcore engineers. However, we believe, Indian engineers can do anything (wink!).

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