Cute but Honest Valentine’s Day Cards from Kids. . .

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your feelings and being honest. And no one could be as honest and expressive as little kids. Give them a pen and a card, and they will write their heart out. Here are some brutally honest Valentine Day cards made by kids that are surely priceless:

  1. What Love Is
    She has nailed it correctly and probably for a child, she has understood it all.
  2. Not Jedi, but still love you
    The kid loves Miss Johnson with all her imperfections and is glad she makes up for the same.
  3. A Thank You to the soldier
    The soldier would probably get mixed feelings after reading this card. Poor guy would not know whether to laugh or cry on getting this!
  4. That’s Quite a Motivation
    Imagine a mother’s face on receiving this card! The kid has done a smart job of writing “I Love You” before adding “You’re doing a good job at not burping at my bus-stop!” and then actually drawing a picture of it.
  5. A very beautiful Potato
    This one would definitely make anyone break into laughter. The very honest kid clarifies why he drew a very beautiful potato instead of drawing a beautiful human being.
  6. Because heart is smaller than butt
    The kid gave us a new dimension of “I Love You with all my heart” and he has a valid point too. Can’t argue that one.
  7. Food comes first
    When someone said that “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach”, he wouldn’t have imagined that it would imply on a kid too and that it would be put down in Valentine’s card.
  8. A beautiful Poem
    Comparing love for a mother with love for a cow is surely hilarious.
  9. A Painful Card
    Along with the cards saying “Be my Valentine” and “Got Love”, this kid made the one saying “Die the most painful death”. Surely kills the romance!
  10. A Harry Potter way
    We have seen many cute cards like “Are you an angel” and such but they seem to be quite cliché for this kid. This one is definitely creative with the drawing which shows Harry’s soul being sucked out and little hearts between them.

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