8 Astounding But Lesser Known Facts About Mahabharata. . .

The great epic of Mahabharata contains so many facts and information that it is almost difficult for everyone to know everything about it.

Stories from Mahabharata have been heard by almost every child since childhood. However it is so vast and contains so many stories that these stories would never run out. Everyone would have different versions or back-stories to tell which maybe a reason of so many retelling. Mahabharata is basically a narration of great war of Kurushetra that took place between Kauravas and Pandavas. Here are few lesser known facts about this Hindu epic:

  1. Sahadev’s Power
    Sahadev who was one of the Pandavas had a gift of knowing everything about future. This means he could see what would take place in the future, about the war and its consequences. However he also was cursed that he would die if he revealed this to anyone which is why he never shared his knowledge with his brothers.
  2. Real name of Kauravas
    Kauravas who are commonly known as Duryodhana, Duhsasana, Duhsaha, Dushkarna, Durmada and such plus they had a sister named Duhsala. Their actual names were Suyodhana, Suhsasana, Suhsaha and so on. They were renamed with “Du” which stands for anything that is not good or has a bad reputation following their bad reputation.
  3. Different versions of Mahabharata for different worlds
    Different worlds such as Devaloka and Asura world have different versions of Mahabharata. While the basics and storyline is believed to be the same, the fact remains that for each world there is a different Mahabharata. The Mahabharata for Devaloka consists of approximately 200,000 shlokas. It is impossible for normal human eye to read this version.
  4. A version of Ramayana within Mahabharata
    Mahabharata contains a little version of Ramayana which is known as Ramopakhyana. Rishi Markandeya narrated the story of Lord Rama’s exile to Yudhisthira when he was regretting Pandavas and Draupadi’s exile. This version also proves that Ramayana took place way before Mahabharata.
  5. Gandhari’s spiritual eye
    Post Kurushetra war when Gandhari visited the battlefield to mourn the deaths taken place, she was given the gift of Spiritual Eye which enabled her to see everything that had taken place and was taking place. She narrated the happenings including the one of her daughter Dusshala who was wandering like mad in search of her husband’s missing head.
  6. Yudhisthira’s honesty
    Yudhisthira was considered to be a reincarnation of “Dharma” himself and was the most honest man there ever was on earth. Hence the wheels of his chariot were always a fraction above the land and never touched the ground. However when during the battle, he uttered his first lie, his chariot fell to the ground with a huge thud.
  7. Lord Ganesha’s involvement
    Lord Ganesha was Krishna Vyasa’s scribe. The verses composed by Vyasa were understood by Lord Ganesha in split second’s break which enabled Vyasa to visualize the further verses. However these verses are so difficult to understand that about 80% of them are unsolved even today. In total there are about 8800 such unsolved verses.
  8. Nakula’s Speed
    Nakula had the ability to ride a horse so fast that he would never ever get wet even in heavy rain. It is said that his speed was so fast that he would dodge the successive falling rain drops.

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