9 Ways to Successfully Ditch Any Plan with Your Friends without Making Them Feel Bad. . .

You have been working whole week and you just want to eat, sleep and rest on the weekend. As you bring some popcorn and turn your TV on to watch your favorite movie, you just get a message from your friends asking about the plan tonight. And you are DEAD. In such case, what you’d do? Go with them even if you don’t want to? Because if you say ‘No’; they are going to be very angry with you. Do you want to know the best ways to ditch such plans without even making your best buddies feel bad? Read below some amazing ways to say ‘No’ to them politely and these are surely going to work 100%.

  1. Tell them that you have an important assignment and if you don’t submit on time, you can get penalty from your professor. giphy.com
  2. Don’t answer to their calls and pretend that you are sleeping. They can imagine that you slept early that day and won’t mind it. giphy.com
  3. Ask your mother or father to say ‘No’ to them with any reasonable excuse. Your friends can argue with you but not with your parents. giphy.com
  4. Pretend that you just hurt your arm while exercising and you can’t really move your body for next two days. giphy.com
  5. Put your phone on an airplane mode. If they call you, they are going to think that their phone has signal problem due to which they are unable to reach you. giphy.com
  6. Tell them that you have eaten something wrong due to which you have been vomiting since morning. They wouldn’t want you to vomit in their car so nobody will force you. giphy.com
  7. You work right? Tell your friends that you are working from home on an important project which you have to email to your boss. They’ll understand that your work is your priority. giphy.com
  8. ‘Your mommy wants you to accompany her to a family dinner.’ Your friends are going to believe it without any doubt. giphy.com
  9. If nothing works, just tell them straight away that you just want to spend some time alone at home and get ready for their not-so-friendly response. giphy.com

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