What Your Sleeping Pattern Indicate About Your Relationship. . .

Scientific studies have revealed that the way we sleep individually or with a partner says a lot about us, like who we are as individuals or what type of relationship we have with our partner. The reason behind this is when we sleep; the control of our body is taken over by our subconscious mind. Thus, how we are with our partner at that point i.e. the sleeping pattern with our partner is a good and accurate way to judge what type of relationship we have. Here are few common sleeping positions between most partners and this is what they indicate:

  1. Sleeping Back-to-Back
    This position is also known as “The Back Kissers” where the couple sleeps with their backs towards each other slightly touching. Another version of this is known as “The Liberty Lovers” where there is a considerable space between the couple. If a couple falls into “The Back Kissers”, it means they love their independence yet love to stay connected while if the couple falls into the category of “The Liberty Lovers” it means that they are very much committed, need their own space and are in a comfortable place.
  2. The Spoon Position
    This position means that you are protective and possessive about each other. A study says that it is a sweet position but is also slightly vulnerable. The position mostly says “I Trust You”. However, this position is adopted by only 18% of couples.
  3. The Loose Spoon
    This position comes in the later phase of the relationship. The physical contact is there but the distance is also there. This position says, “You can count on me, I have got your back.” It is not as sexual as the Spoon but is more mature.
  4. Sleeping with head on Partner’s Chest
    This is a very sweet position which is normally found in new couples or even rekindled relationships. This is also called “Nuzzle” and indicates a nurturing relationship. The position means a comforting sense of companionship, confidence, and self-assurance. Mostly, it is the woman who rests on your partner, it means that you’re independent yet dependent, which is a sign of healthy relationship.
  5. Intertwined and Tangled
    This one is mostly found amongst new couples. If the couple sleeps with their arms and legs intertwined and their faces facing each other, it means that the couple always needs to hold on tight to each other and are very dependent on each other. It surely is a very intimate position.
  6. The Space Hog
    The very name of this position indicates that one of the partners spreads out a little too much irrespective of other’s comfort in bed and thus, indicating that the person is selfish and has very little regard for other’s need. Domination in bed shows domination inthe relationship.
  7. The Leg Hug
    This position indicates a number of things. The first interpretation is that of only one person is doing the leg hug; he or she is craving the other’s attention. The second interpretation is if both are doing the leg hug; you both are very passionate and have a strong sexual connection. The third interpretation is that you are casually expressing affection or that you had a fight and irrespective of that you are maintaininga deep connection.

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