6 Movies That Depict Harsh Reality Of Racism. . .

Racism is a globally well-accepted troubling issue. Here are few movies that depicted this reality

Racism is a global issue that is hard to tackle and control. However as people grow more aware about this issue, a lot has been said about the same and reflected in the movies. Movies have always been a great source to mirror social issues and hence spread awareness. For years racism has been characterized in movies but the way that has been done, has gradually changed now. The way of illustrating racism has been toned down now. Here are few movies that mirrored the harsh truth of racism:

  1. Crash (2004)
    An American drama film that showed how post 9/11 people started behaving towards other races. The story is set in Los Angeles and stars Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle and Thandie Newton amongst others. Such racial feelings were aroused even in a police office, an attorney and his wife amongst others. The movie did get mixed feelings but it won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
  2. American History X (1998)
    The story revolves around two brothers Danny and Derek. Danny is a Neo-Nazi in making while Derek has just been realized from prison. He was arrested for killing a black man. Danny’s African American principal namely Dr Bob Sweeney has assigned him the job of writing a paper on his brother. This leads to revealing of Derek’s story and rise and fall as the leader of a very racist violent gang.
  3. Fruitvale Station (2013)
    The movie won the award of Best First Film at Cannes, 2013 and is a true story about the police killings in regards to African American men. The movie shows an actual footage of Oscar Grant being detained by BART police along with his friends. The moment when he was shot by the police at Fruitvale Station is also seen in the movie.
  4. A Time To Kill (1996)
    When a young American African girl is brutally beaten and raped in Mississippi by two white supremacists, her father ends up killing both of them. He later on is put on trial and is helped by a white lawyer. As the trial processes, both their lives are threatened. The book is based on John Grisham’s novel. The movie even caused a lot of uproar in France and the name of the French version movie was changed to “The Right to Kill?”
  5. 12 Years A Slave (2013)
    Solomon Northup who is a black man is offered a job as a musician in US. He takes it up but is taken aback when on reaching he is drugged and forcefully enslaved. This is a true story based on what a Black man had actually gone through and his struggle for freedom.
  6. Mississippi Burning (1988)
    Three civil activists go missing in the area of Jessup County Mississippi and two FBI set off to investigate the same. Interviewing people proves to be very difficult as the black citizens who have the guts to speak to them suffer terrible fates shortly and the agents soon realize that almost everyone in the authority are involved with Ku Klux Klan. The movie is based on true events that took place in Mississippi.

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