7 Reasons Why Guys Make Better Friends Than Girls. . .

A platonic relationship with a guy has proved to be very comforting.

Every girl would have wondered atleast once why she gets along with guys better than girls. It has been observed over a long period of time that when it comes to friendships men have proved to be a step ahead than women. Whether we are talking about a boy-boy friendship here or a girl-boy friendship, men are in much better position. This may be because they have been wired to be easygoing, are easier to talk to and are less emotional than girls. Here are few reasons why guys make better friends than girls:

  1. For them bro-code is of utmost importance
    For guys, their bros and bro-codes are holier than Bible. The bro-code that is basically the rules of friendship and consists of certain dos and don’ts is something that every guy follows blindly even if it is unspoken of. Women too may have certain dos and don’ts but that most of the times is not abide by the way guys do.
  2. They make things simple
    Girls may make you pout and give silly poses while guys will be happier with a simple selfie. Guys hate portraying their love all over the world while girls will make you post loads of photos on social media. This is applicable in other areas also. While girls will love to show-off, guys will keep everything simple.
  3. They do not judge
    Guys wouldn’t even notice if you wore a single top for two consecutive days. They wouldn’t notice or care if you wore your makeup wrong or are having a bad hair day. They do not judge nor do they care.
  4. They will be brutally honest
    Ask them to give any opinion; they will give you the most honest opinion. A girl may or maynot be so honest, but a guy will be. A girl may think whether you will like what she says, whether you will take it in a negative stride and so on but a guy will just speak out his mind.
  5. They will always stand by you
    You need him at 3 am, he will be right there by your side. No excuses and no priorities, once he knows that you need him, he will not disappoint you.
  6. They let go things easily
    They don’t remember what you said two months back or on what you had an argument the last time you met. “Forgive and Forget” is easily followed by guys and for them, friendships hold no place for grudges.
  7. They would be totally drama free
    Even if you get into an argument, you have an intense shouting match, with guys you can be normal the next minute and possibly would be talking about ordering a pizza. Thinking about the particular argument for hours and telling to 3 other people about the same is nowhere in guys’ character. Hence the friendship would be totally drama-free.

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