Here’s how you can comfort your friend who is going through painful break up. . .

It’s normal to be upset when your closest friend is going through painful breakup. You cannot really change their past or fix whatever happened. But you can support your friend in this tough time and try to take them out of this grief. Be with them when they need you and listen to their problems and comfort them. You can also do many other things that can distract your friend from their past and they’ll try to move on. Go for an outing, bring their favorite ice cream or get into some kind of sports that will keep them busy. If you know a friend who has just broken up and going through tough times, it’s time to provide them your full support. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Listen to them, let them cry and hug them whenever they are sad.
    Don’t give them your opinions until they ask for it.
  2. Take them out to their favorite restaurant or any concert.
    Do they love Chinese food? Do they wish to go to a pub?
    Accompany them to these places as it will distract them from the pain they are going through.
  3. Delete all the photos of them with their ex even if they ask you not to.
    Delete everything they are keeping of their ex. Otherwise, they will get hurt whenever they are going to see anything related to their low life ex.
  4. Don’t let them contact their ex for any reason.
    Did their ex message them? Don’t let your friend reply at any cost. What’s gone is gone. There is no point in looking back to those who hurt you so much.
  5. Have a sleepover at their home and order their favorite food.
    Order their most favorite pizza and watch TV shows with them while chatting to each other.
  6. Watch comedy movies with them to cheer them up.
    Watch the funniest movies together that would make them laugh.
  7. If your friend is a girl, then take her to shopping at her favorite stores.
    Girls love make up. Take your friend to Sephora store and make her buy some latest make up products.
  8. Have a get together at some place and invite other friends too.
    Plan a bbq and invite all friends over.
  9. Make sure that they don’t listen to sad break up songs.
    Break up songs can make them sad and depressed. You should make sure that your friend is not listening to such songs.
  10. Gift them chocolates and it will definitely boost their mood.
    Are they chocolate lover? Then gift them a box of assorted chocolates. It will make them feel loved.
  11. Gift them any pet that would help them in getting over the breakup.
    Cat, dog or parrot; give them a pet as a gift. It can be any animal they like. Having a pet will distract them from their past as they are going to be busy taking care of it.
  12. Remind them constantly, that they are amazing and deserve the best in the world.
    Some people often put blame on themselves for their break up. If your friend is one of these people, then they need your constant support. Talk to them and tell them that they are beautiful and they deserve someone who is best for them. It will boost their confidence and self-esteem.

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