7 Beauty Products You Should Avoid Sharing With Others. . .

Are you the one who never hesitates when it comes to sharing makeup products and tools with your bffs? It happens with each one of us when we forget to carry our favorite lip shade or lip balm and then borrow one from our friend. But while doing so, have you ever wondered that you might be transferring bacteria which can prove harmful for your skin. Yes, that’s true! Stop this practice of sharing beauty products and tools right now to reduce the risk of communicating virus and bacteria. Here is the list of beauty products that you should avoid sharing with your bff to keep skin infections away.

  1. Maskara
    If you share your mascara with others, its wand can harbour bacteria and viruses that are easily transmissible which may result in eye infections like pink eye or conjunctivitis. When you pull the wand out and push it back after applying, air is also pushed in which feeds bacteria. You can still share mascara with others using disposable wand.
  2. Lipstick or Lip-balms
    You should never share your lipsticks or lip balms with your bffs because lipsticks or lip balms usually come in contact with saliva and if one of your bffs has a virus, it can easily be transferred with sharing lipsticks. So, avoid sharing lipsticks at any cost.
  3. Makeup Brushes & Beauty Blender
    If you are using someone else’s makeup brushes or if you are lending your brushes to someone, then you are spoiling your skin with cross-contaminating bacteria. If you have shared your brush, don’t forget to spray your brush with alcohol to kill bacteria or you can just shampoo the brushes to make them clean.
  4. Pressed Foundation
    Pressed foundations being wet formula easily catch bacteria hence it should not be allowed to share. Especially, if you are touching up the area around eyes or mouth with a sponge, bacteria can transfer from one person to another very easily. If you still need to share your foundation with your bff in an emergency, give her a clean brush to use and let her swipe the foundation with clean brush only once.
  5. Roll on Deodorants
    Girl applying stick deodorant in armpit. Young woman putting antiperspirant in underarms on blue. Daily skin and body care. Studio shot.

    Sweat contains bacteria which causes body odor and to get rid of that sweaty smell we use deodorants. Roll-on deodorants are very comfy to carry in our handbags and that’s why we love them. But if you share your roll on deodorant with someone, the bacteria of their skin can easily come in contact with yours or vice-versa causing infection or skin irritation. So next time when someone asks for your roll on deodorant, Just smile and say NO!

  6. Cream Shadows
    Just like pressed foundations, cream shadows can trap and harbor bacteria very easily. You generally use your fingers to apply these kinds of shadows and have contaminated it with your own bacteria. So, it’s not best to share your cream shadows with others.
  7. Creams That Comes In a Jar
    While using products like face cream, body cream or a hand cream you need to dip your fingers in the jar so that you can take it out for application. You should always keep these kinds of products for your personal use as they are highly prone to bacteria. Even for yourself, you should always wash your hands before using such creams.

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