Shocking facts you should know about the products you eat!. . .

It all starts and ends with food. One of the few things that connect all of us is food. And that food on your plate is not as simple as it looks. We’ve compiled a few shocking facts about food that anyone should know:

  1. The classification offense:
    We simply need to learn this anyhow: watermelon, eggplant, chili pepper, banana, are berries!
    Another blow: Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, are not berries!
    Avocado, bell pepper, cucumber = fruits.
    “Quinoa is not a super-grain”. Don’t react, folks! It’s actually a “super-seed”.
    Almond, coconut, cashew nut, walnut, are drupes, a type of fruit (yes, it also means they’re not nuts (like us, wink)).
  2. The red bug dye:
    You know what red color in food products like meat, frappuccino, icings, gelatin desserts, etc., right? Those attractive red colors are majorly made up of “Cochineal Dye”, “Cochineal Extract”, “Carmine” or “Carminic Acid” are made from “Cochineal” insects found mainly on the cactus tree. Check out more on this process here
  3. The sneaky food:
    For those who have love/hate relationship with corns:
    Corns are everywhere including toothpaste, yogurt, chewing gum, makeup, Coke, Pepsi, Aspirin! Don’t believe it? Read this!

  4. The Shellac story:
    Our eyes get twinkly whenever see those glazing candies. As per one of the many sources like Natural News, those shiny glazing on food products is actually made from Shellac, a type of resin secreted by “Kerria lacca” female bug.
    In other terms, it’s “Confectioner’s glaze”. Vegans, please check this for future shopping.
  5. You can ditch that fruit today (and grab a bowl of popcorn!)
    According to the American Chemical Society report, popcorns are actually loaded with the highest concentration of polyphenols and fiber than many fruits and veggies.
  6. Sweet honey:
    Okay, you might know that one spoon of “without-shelf-life” product contains more fructose than the refined natural sugar. But, it’s also interesting to note that honey is actually made up of flower nectar and bee vomit (not entirely true though). Actually, nectar is stored in “honey stomach”, a part of bee’s esophagus.
  7. The ugly milt:
    For those who don’t know, milt is the “semen” of male fish or other similar water-dwelling animals. If you ever happen to visit Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, you’ll easily spot a slippery, white food known as “milt” or “Shirako”. It’s a delicacy in many countries! BTW, a popular Russian delicacy known as “Herring milt” is Herring’s sperm.
  8. The largest menu:

    You would probably not find a bigger menu than this: A stuffed camel or camel Turducken! This camel is stuffed with a lamb, which is filled with chicken, which is again filled with fish or eggs or both! Check more on it here.
  9. Cheese with less cheese!
    Most of the “processed cheese” we consume actually have less than 50% of natural cheese. And the rest 50%? It’s a mixture of additives, fillers, colors and flavoring agents.
  10. It’s really disturbing!
    According to the FDA, insect larvae, molds, insect excreta, rodent filth, etc. are “acceptable”, natural unavoidable defects with low quantity in food.
    Think we missed out something? Do share it with everyone you know. Bon Appetit!

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