Checkout These 8 Signs To Know If You Are Really In Love. . .

When confused whether its love or lust, checkout the following signs

Falling in love is such a beautiful process that it is often said to be a more beautiful phase that being in love itself. However the realization that you are in love often takes a lot of time and the battle between “Yes I am in love; No I am not in love” seems to go on forever. Well, only if the answer to this question can be found as easily as plucking petals off a rose. Here are few signs to checkout when confused whether it is love or not:

  1. Being with him feels like being home
    You get such comfort and feel so safe with him that it often makes you feel there is no other you rather be than being with him.
  2. You start visualizing future
    You don’t realize it but you start visualizing future with him. It may be about the event take place 6 months from now, but he is with you in that one. And it sounds totally perfect.
  3. He is your to go person
    Whether you are feeling sad or you are happy about something, the first person that comes in your mind is him. All you want to do is call him up and tell him all about it.
  4. When he is not around, you think about him
    All you talk about with your friends nowadays is him. He has started to occupy your mind most of the times. You want to finish your work quickly so that you can go and meet him. Basically, all you do whole day is think about him and it is out of your control.
  5. Checking phone every few minutes
    Missing a text from him seems like a big deal. You keep checking your phone every few minutes and after few hours you feel like calling him up just to hear his voice.
  6. You don’t mind doing a few things again, only because you can share them with him
    Be it watching a movie or going on a certain trip, you are only happy to repeat it again. Afterall, this time you will be sharing it with him and it would be even more special.
  7. Mood swings occur frequently
    It has been scientifically proved that being in love leads to physiological and emotional instability. As scientists put it, being in love is some sort of addiction. Be it loss of appetite, sleeplessness, euphoria, anxiety and such, it does take place.
  8. Getting to spend 5 minutes with him is much better than spending whole day without him
    Just a small simple small text like “hi” from him or hearing “hello” brings a smile on your face. Just any form of interaction with him makes your day better.

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