Most popular wives of famous Bollywood stars who are not actresses. . .

Marriage in itself is a tough competition, especially when you have better-half who’s got more likes, hashtags, and followers under her belt. It’s intriguing, IKR? Let’s see what these Bollywood celebs have to say about their non-actress yet equally popular wives.

  1. Kiran & Aamir:
    He’s the superstar of Bollywood. She’s a talented artist (director, producer, screenwriter) from a royal family, who’s known for producing movies like “Peepli Live”, “Delhi Belly”, “Dhobi Ghat” and “Dangal”. Her stellar work as an assistant director includes movies like “Lagaan”, “Monsoon Wedding”, “Saathiya” and “Swades”.

    Aamir on Kiran:
    “I love her energy; I love the fact that she is totally in love with her creative instinct. Kiran has contributed a huge deal to me- to my personality and to my very hectic fabric. I am much more relaxed ever since she has come into my life.”

  2. Adhuna & Farhan:
    Though this couple is ready to separate (or maybe they’re already divorced by the time you read this), but there’s no reason to hate them.

    Adhuna is a popular celebrity hair stylist. She’s got numerous followers for her charismatic attitude, and of course her love for hair care (BTW, she’s the owner of amazing salon chain “BBLUNT” too).
    You won’t believe what Farhan said for her beloved (ex)wife, even when they were on the negotiation table:
    “I believe that for any relationship or marriage to be successful, the couple has to be great friends. It is also important to keep reinventing your friendship. Besides being my wife, Adhuna is a great friend and I know I can share my deepest secrets with her.”
  3. Mehr & Arjun:
    Arjun Rampal is an absolute hottie but his wife was the first supermodel of India! Mehr Jesia was an icon in 80’s and at the peak of her career (24 age) she got an offer to replace Isabella Rossellini as the new international face of Lancome. She happily though turned it down.
    She likes to keep herself busy in books, gym, and home, but she can be spotted at few high-end fashion events. She also owns ‘LAP’, a popular club in Delhi. There are rumors of the couple heading for divorce, but no official statement has been out yet.
  4. Mana & Sunil:
    She’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, social activist, interior designer and star wife. Mana never thought herself as star wife and today is more popular as the creative director of R House Furnishing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and director of S2 Realty Developers Pvt. Ltd.

    “Believe me; she just gets prettier every day! Wherever I go I bask in the glory of the compliments showered at me by everyone that I have a beautiful wife”- Suniel Shetty.
  5. Gauri & Shahrukh:

    We’ve saved the best for last! She needs no introduction, people. Her husband is certainly the superstar of Bollywood but she’s the superstar of the interior design industry.
    From Karan Johar to Ranbir Kapoor, everybody loves her work. She’s the co-owner of Red Chillies Entertainment and a successful movie producer too.
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