Homemade food, which every Indian mother is fond of sending to their children. . .

An Indian mother is known for showing her fondness towards her children by packing their lunchbox with homemade food. After all, “maa ka haat ka khana”, isn’t it? She is scared that her children will eat out and fall ill and that is why we have those lunchboxes packed with homemade food.

However, there are some staple foods which our mothers would love to pack and send again and again. Let’s handpick some of them and relish in their “taste”!

  1. Paranthas with Jam
    Paranthas rolled with jams of different flavour is definitely on the top of the list. A sniff of the jam filled paranthas is enough to make us hungrier and our mother surely knows how to present them deliciously.
  2. Bread Pakora
    This is a ubiquitous food prepared by our mothers for our lunch. Slices of bread dipped in a batter of chickpea and then fried, are a standard recipe that is followed. Often our mother would smash spicy potatoes in between two slices and shallow fry them.
  3. Maggi
    Carrying a box of maggi in school was definitely a thing of joy during our school days. Most of our mothers used to mix some vegetables with it and the colour would look so gorgeous that we couldn’t wait to gorge on it.
  4. Sandwiches
    We bet there isn’t anyone who never carried sandwiches in their school or still carry. Be it grilled, be it toasted or plain sandwiches with ketchup is something our mothers love to feed us with.
  5. Chowmein
    Carrying a box of Chowmein with lots of vegetables and ketchup is similar to having a party in school. That one friend who used to carry Chowmein in school also became popular for his/her tiffin box.
  6. Aloo Parantha
    This is by far the most popular lunch packed by our mothers. Kneaded flour rolled with smashed potatoes, fried and topped with pickles is definitely a top favourite.
  7. Poori Sabzi
    This is another mouth watering food which our mother loves to pack for us. This is preferably a healthy, and a different variety of tiffin from the usual roti-sabzi which we consume at home. Often our mother would put some pickles with it and that was what we called a royal eating.
  8. Poha
    Poha is one of those lunches whose sniff everyone can get from a distance. Poha is topped with peanuts, curry leaves, mustard seeds, small potato cubes and it do taste heavenly. When you have it during your break time, you can’t help but thank your mother.
  9. Idlis
    Majority of Indian mother love to pack idlis for their children since it’s light and healthy, and not to mention the sambhar dal, which equally tasted good. We too enjoy it asit’s delicious and keep us full throughout the day.
  10. Omelette
    Omelettes are a welcome food any day; that too along with onions, tomatoes and green chillies. For that extra dose of proteins, our mother would pack this as tiffin whenever they want.

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