Top 10 funny festivals of the world. . .

Every year numerous festivals are celebrated around the world. Some of them are known to us, while we are oblivious to the rest. While some festivals have some sorts of historical backgrounds, others are plain insane. Let us make a list of some crazy festivals around the world.

  1. Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Thailand)

    This festival is celebrated every year throughout the south-western Thailand. Yi Peng refers to the full moon day that falls on the second month of the Lanna Lunar calendar. The participants launch innumerable sky lanterns into the air which look starkly similar to some giant jellyfish floating gleefully in the sky.

  2. The Songkarn Festival (Thailand)

    Thailand hosts a giant water gun fight every year in the month of April to commemorate their New Year. Unlike the lantern festival, this one witnesses the whole country coming together to revel. Some people even launch water guns by sitting on an elephant.

  3. La Tomatina

    This is a huge tomato festival which takes place in Bunyol, a small village in Spain. The festival initially began with tomato-fight between two street teenagers. The net duration of the festival is 1 hour and within this span, the whole place gets covered up in squeezed tomatoes.

  4. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, England

    It is an annual festival which takes place at Cooper’s Hill near Cotswolds region of England. In this traditional festival a Double Gloucester cheese is rolled from the Cooper’s Hill, and thousands of competitors run down the hill to chase and catch it. The festival has become so popular that thousands of people from across the world come to either participate or simply watch it.

  5. Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

    Thailand holds the Monkey Buffet Festival every year to promote tourism. There is a huge assortment of buffet for the macaque monkeys who flock the local Lopburi villages in insanely large numbers. Peoples believe that feeding these monkeys actually bring good fortune.

  6. Festival of the Horns, Rome

    This festival takes place in Rocca Canterano, which is a city located outside Rome where thousands of men parade wearing horns on their heads.. According to the Italian culture, the horn represents a man who has been cheated by his fiancé or wife. Earlier, when the war soldiers returned home, they would see that their wives have left them for some other men and they were presented with ‘horns’ as gifts. This apparently funny parade is actually meant to console the bereaved men.

  7. Roswell UFO Festival, New Mexico

    In July 1947, some unidentified flying object reportedly crashed near Roswell in New Mexico which supposedly had aliens in it. The Roswell Army Air Field said to have discovered a flying disk from that place. This sparked so much controversy and rumour that it turned into a festival with years.

  8. Boryeong Mud Festival

    This festival takes place in South Korea every summer which attracts millions of international visitors. Originally, this festival was meant to be a marketing strategy of a regional cosmetic line who used the mud for the rich minerals in it.

  9. Agitagueda Art Festival (Portugal)

    Visit Portugal in July any year and you will find millions of colourful umbrellas hanging above the road and creating a shade all over the city. This is a brilliant melting pot for different kinds of art.

  10. Holi

    This is one of the most loved festivals in India where people smear coloured powders, known as gulal, over each other during the spring. It’s said to ward off the evils and in certain parts of India, Devi Holika is worshipped which led to the celebration of Holi.


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