13 Things That Every Female Engineering Student Can Painfully Relate To. . .

Girls these days are studying equally with men. Whether it’s medical, technology or any other profession; girls are not behind boys in any way. When it comes to engineering, many people especially in our societies have this thinking that girls can never be an engineer because ‘it’s men job’. Despite of criticisms, many girls are breaking this myth and getting admission into engineering. Studying engineering for females can be very hectic as you have to deal with a lot of men because there are only you or a few females in the class. Therefore, sometimes it becomes hard to survive in this field but girls should never lose hope and keep on struggling. If you are one of those girls who are studying engineering, then there are many things which happen to you on a daily basis. Check them out:

  1. You have been told many times that “engineering is for boys, you cannot do this” and you have a very few chances of getting job in this field. giphy.com
  2. That shocking look on peoples’ face when you tell them that you are studying engineering. You love it! giphy.com
  3. Boys treat you like a queen as you are the only female student in whole class. giphy.com
  4. Teacher and student underestimate you because they think you can’t do well in engineering as compared to them. giphy.com
  5. People don’t expect you to follow any fashion trend as you are into boyish stuff. giphy.com
  6. One thing that feels so good and annoying too; everybody in class knows your name as you are the only female among them. rozaana.tumblr.com
  7. And as everyone knows your name, you can’t bunk the class as they’ll know that you are absent. rk-pc.tumblr.com
  8. Your parents are not comfortable when you stay out late with class fellows for group projects. giphy.com
  9. Whenever you walk into class, you feel like everyone is staring at you. giphy.com
  10. Sometimes you wish you were studying something else because things are getting harder and harder for you. giphy.com
  11. All the boys want to add you in their group project. In short, you became very popular among them. giphy.com
  12. Your relatives often think that you won’t find a suitable guy for marriage as you are an engineering student. giphy.com
  13. At the end of the day, you feel proud of yourself. Well done all our female engineers. Keep up the great work! giphy.com

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