Top Favorite Period Tracking Apps for Women. . .

Tracking of one’s menstrual cycle by using any application is not the only way to stay blindsided from an unexpected arrival of the Aunt Flo. Instead, the latest type of period tracking apps devoid of pink color and filled primarily with the body metrics of a user.
Women using these apps on their Android or IOS devices may easily pinpoint the time of their ovulation or days, they would likely face PMS. In addition, few of the favorite yet innovative apps used by women and young girls are able to track tons of related factors to give accurate results.
These include sleeping hours, energy levels, temperature, appetite and effect of menstruation on hairs. Furthermore, downloading of an app capable of tracking period makes the life easy both for women expecting to conceive and for young girls facing the problem of irregular periods.

  1. Clue App
    Clue acts as the golden standard of various period tracking apps available in the market with more than 2.5 millions of users across the world. Specialties include-
    • This app incorporates 31 different categories and helps women to collect even minute details associated with each specific day of the menstrual cycle.
    • The app also allows women to record their sleeping hours, details related to the flow as well as cervical discharge and hair loss (if any).
    • Moreover, the clue comes with the ability to record energy levels and mood swings, while for a long time; women are able to view trends in the reaction of their bodies to periods.
    • Multiple data visualizations act as the strong suit of Clue app. Hence, if you want to get a historic overview on the effect of your period on biology, you may simply visit its analysis section and get required results.
  2. Glow App
    Glow App comes with an advice-oriented interface to serve the perfect option for all women wants to conceive. In addition, daily insights offered by the Glow app cater to every day associated with the menstrual cycle and thereby, help women who usually experience PMS symptoms. Besides performing its activity as an ovulation calculator, the app comes with the ability to track symptoms, moods, alcohol intake, sexual activities, and track medications. In addition, you may opt to synchronize your Glow app with top-class fitness apps to get far better results.
  3. Eve App
    If you do want to be pregnant so early after marriage, you may go for the right option i.e. Eve App. The specialty of the app is that it incorporates a tracker to track sexual activities. Hence, women may easily record every time they have sex, the type, and quality of the sex and their feelings associated with it.
  4. Period Tracker App
    Period Tracker app eliminates the requirement of any whistle or bell and in turn, acts as an excellent option for women. Here, you only require to open the app on first as well as on the last day of your menstruation cycle and to tap it. You may view the duration of your cycle on Calendar View present in your app, while track your moods and different symptoms, like acne or cramps. Lastly, app incorporates a series comprising of flower icons to provide you necessary information on your ovulation period and fertile window.

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