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With the commencement of festivities in Disneyland during the run up of the 60th anniversary on Monday 17th of July, it would obviously be the best time to memorize few of the inspirational Disney movie quotes said by its different film characters including Walt Disney during the years. In fact, you will find huge wisdom in these spoken words and simultaneously, get huge inspiration to achieve success or fulfill your hope and get what you exactly deserve in work or in your life.

  1. Quote of Rapunzel in Tangled Comic
    Rapunzel in Tangled comic quoted “Venture in outward direction towards the comfort zone of yours. Rewards would worth it.”
  2. Quote of Peter Pan in the Comic Peter Pan
    Next, we would highlight about the quote highlighted in Peter Pan by Peter Pan himself i.e. “All that requires is trust and faith.”
  3. Quote of Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh
    Eeyore, the donkey has quoted another inspirational quote as “A bit consideration and a bit thought for other people results in a big difference.”
  4. Quote of Fairy Godmother in Cinderella
    Fairy Godmother in the comic Cinderella themed on the girl in the leading role with the same name, played a significant role has a motivational role in the entire story. She quoted, “Even miracles require some time to take place.”
  5. Quote of Gusteau from Ratatouille
    Gusteau from the comic of Ratatouille inspired a lot by his quotes, “You mustnot let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.”
  6. Quote of the Emperor in Mulan
    The Emperor, one of the famous Disney characters has quoted in the comic of Mulan, “Flowers, which blooms during adversity are available rarely and come with beautiful features.”
  7. Quote of Merida in Brave
    Indeed, the quote given by Merida about destiny in the Disney comic Brave gives tons of inspiration to achieve something in our life. She quoted, “You can have full control of your destiny and for it, you do not require any magic, while simultaneously you would not have any magical shortcut to resolve your problems”
  8. Quote of Zeus in the Comic Hercules
    Another inspirational quote mentioning about true hero has been given by Zeus in Hercules comics. He quoted, “One cannot measure a true hero as per the size in his strength, but strength present in his heart.”
  9. Quote of Dumbo in Dumbo Comic
    Dumbo comic has highlighted the saga of a baby elephant named Dumbo, who fought very hard to search for his father (the elephant) bound for slavery. In this comic, Dumbo quoted, “You just do not fly and instead you should soar.”
  10. Quote of Mary Poppins in the Mary Poppins Comic
    Last, but not the least, we would share the inspirational quote given by Mary Poppins in his comic of Marry Poppins. Here, the leading character quoted, i.e. “In each type of job a person completes, involves an element related to fun.”

Therefore, you should memorize each of these aforementioned inspirational quotes and thereby, get success for your lifetime.

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