6 Envious Things That Mukesh Ambani Owns. . .

Money buys luxury. No one can define this in a more appropriate manner than the Ambanis.

Mukesh Ambani who turned 60 few days back is undoubtedly India’s richest man. Having a net worth of $23.2 billion, Mukesh Ambani’s success doesn’t need any description. His latest launch of 4G telecom services Jio is yet another addition to his kitty. However Ambani owns an astonishing cluster of super-luxurious and mind-boggling stuff that would make anyone envious. Here are only a few of them:

  1. Antilia
    A 27-storey house that spans over 400,000 square feet is one of the landmarks of Mumbai. However 27-storeys is just for saying; the height of some of the floors is more than double of that of a single-storey floor which actually makes Antilia almost equivalent to a 40-storey building. Located on Altamount Road, one of the most expensive residential areas in the world, Antilia cost approximately $1 Billion. If there is any home that can beat Antilia, it is said it would be Buckingham Palace.
  2. A Snow Room
    We are constantly complaining about summers of India and we all know how intolerable the summers can get in Mumbai. Thus the Ambanis have built a Snow Room in Antilia to get a respite from this weather whenever they feel like. The room is filled with artificial snowflakes all the time whether it is being used or not. Other than this, Antilia also has a home theater with 50-persons occupancy, 3 helipads, 6-floors of parking space and more.
  3. Ambani Yacht
    This is a customized yacht which is said to be energy efficient and has a capacity of saving fuel of upto 50%. The shape of this yacht is horse-shoe types and features a solar glass roof, loads of deck space for sunbathing, a private terrace, a piano bar, personal suites for guests, a lounge, an elevator and lots more.
  4. World’s Largest Refinery
    It is a well-known fact that the refinery located at Jamnagar which is owned by Reliance Industries Limited is the largest refinery of the world. This was commissioned in July 1999 with an installed capacity of 668,000 barrels/day that has today increased to 12,40,000 barrels/day.
  5. Falcon 900EX
    This aircraft is meant and ideal for small business meetings. It is used when Mukesh Ambani wants to travel fast and consists of a cabin with games consoles, a mid flight office, satellite TV and other wireless communication systems. The estimated cost of this aircraft is $43.3 Million. Other aircrafts that Ambani possesses are Airbus 319 Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet 2 which at approximately $73 Million is one of the most expensive private jets in the world.
  6. Ambani’s Official Car
    The BMW760Li is Ambani’s one of the many cars but is specifically for his official use. The original price of this car is Rs 19 million but Ambani had it customized which cost him approximately Rs 85 million. The car comes with Kevlar plates installed inside door panels, VR7 ballistic protection, a fire-proof fuel tank, windows that are bulletproof and also provide protection against military weapons. Other cars of this level that Ambani owns are Mercedes S Class, Mercedes SL500, Aston Martin Rapide which costs a hefty $170,000.

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