Obama/Biden Memes That Are Worth To Make Your Day!. . .

Obama and Joe: Now that’s what bromance is about! There has been copious Joe and Obama’s meme on the internet. And recently Joe Biden shared his favorite meme with media and laughed out his heart on these viral memes. With this one in the line, let’s check out few ROFL meme of Obama and Joe Biden Jr. that are worth sharing:

  1. The Joe’s favorite:
    Biden’s daughter, Ashley shared his father’s favorite meme with ‘Moneyish’ and this is what it looks like:
    This photo was taken when Obama and Joe were celebrating their eight years of partnership. And the meme was shared by one of his followers on Twitter.
  2. Now that’s a Chewbacca! (uh, chew, what?)
    Oh, that’s a Chewbacca! 😛
    An image shared on Twitter by TheRealEatWood (@therealeatwood).
  3. For Trump, with love!
    Another meme featuring Joe and Obama on what to gift Trump went viral on Twitter lately. But this one wasn’t sent by Jill Biden herself (it’s a fake one).
  4. The prank mood:
    This one by Jomny Sun (@jonnysun) on Twitter has got to almost every news media’s list. Elections are not the end, right folks?
  5. Just roll with it:
    Another meme by Thomas Moore is worth seeing as “The final hours of the result are crucial but let’s not get that serious!”.
  6. That’s the support you want:
    Everybody needs that one unconditional support in life just like ‘Obama has Biden’. This meme by realcognition on Instagram says it all.
  7. We’ve loved their bromance every time:
    No matter whatever the life comes up with, we know there’s always Obama/Biden to cheer us with love!
  8. It’s on the house:
    You can’t resist yourself from this when you know the White House is now in the hands of a billionaire.
  9. Obiden forever:
    We’re the BFF, like ever.
  10. He’s not my president:
    Why should I accept him? No, Barack, he’s not my bro, period!
  11. One last attempt:
    That moment when things are heating up, but your BFF has some other plans!
  12. Let’s talk about future:
    Others might say it’s over, but not for Obama/Biden.
  13. Here’s to the comic buddy:
  14. Bid Adieu:
    Let’s not lose hope, buddy.

There are many more memes post elections that have been viral on Twitter and Instagram, but few of these like above are worth to make your day, isn’t it?

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