10 Habits Of Impeccably Groomed Men. . .

The times have changed today and men are no longer seen with suspicion if they spend too much time on grooming. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with so many choices and bits of advice. The trick is that; a well-groomed man will stick to some basic things which to reap rewards in the longer run.


You don’t need to spend a fortune on looking at your best. A few little tricks are all that you need to look groomed up and at your best for every occasion. Here are the secrets of well-groomed men and 10 habits to get into –

  1. Visit your barber regularly
    Book an appointment every four weeks and stick to it. Basically, if you notice that your hair needs to be groomed, then go pay a visit to your barber.
  1. Find your signature scent
    That goes without saying that aftershave or deodorants are not to be considered as ‘perfumes’. Find a classic scent and invest in it. If you are confused at first, narrow down 2 or 3 scents and see which one you like the best with time.
  1. Scrub your face
    Scrubbing is not just for women. A man’s skin is harder than that of a woman and needs a proper cleansing of dead cells, dirt, and grime.
  1. Manage your facial hair
    Unless you are planning to keep a beard, it is a good idea to invest in a quality trimmer and manage them from time to time.
  1. Put your best feet forward
    Women notice one thing about men for sure – shoes. So invest in good pair of shoes, always. Also, taking care of your feet is important because no one likes smelly feet. You can use a pumice stone during the shower to shed the dead cells of the feet.
  1. Dark circles care routine
    Men who work for longer hours usually develop dark circles. Think of investing in a good eye cream for that.
  1. Pay attention to the nails
    Cut your nails once a week, preferably before the shower to make them softer. Get rid of all rough and flaky skin around your nails for a proper look.
  1. Oral care
    Simply brushing is not enough. Remember to floss once every two weeks and develop a habit of using mouthwash regularly.
  1. Know your skin
    You must know about your skin type or if you don’t, pay a visit to a dermatologist or a cosmetic store. Always use products according to your skin type.
  1. Know your hair products
    You must use the hair products that suit your hair texture. Thick hair can handle waxes but avoid them completely on thin hair.


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